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Auntie Jessie Rojak in Katong Shopping Centre

The signature traditional rojak of Auntie Jessie Rojak is now available at its latest outlet in the newly opened food court in Katong Shopping Centre.

Auntie Jessie Rojak in Katong Shopping Centre

Auntie Jessie in Katong Shopping Centre

Katong Shopping Centre (加东购物中心) is one of the oldest shopping centres in Singapore. In late 2022, a new food court opened in the basement of Katong Shopping Centre, at the end nearer to Odeon Katong. The Golden Cafe Food Court is quite spacious and has a good variety of stalls – including stalls for Korean, Japanese, Western and local food.

Golden Cafe Food Court, Katong Shopping Centre
Golden Cafe Food Court, Katong Shopping Centre

One of the local food stalls is Auntie Jessie Rojak. Apart from signature rojak dishes, the rojak stall in Golden Cafe Food Court also offers traditional local dishes like Taukwa Pau, Popiah, Kueh Pie Tee and Muah Chee.

Menu of Auntie Jessie Rojak Katong

Auntie Jessie Rojak

There are 2 main rojak dishes available at Auntie Jessie Rojak – the traditional and vegetarian. Add-ons, such as century egg and cuttlefish, as well as customisations are possible.

Auntie Jessie Traditional Rojak

We ordered a basic traditional rojak ($5.50). The portion size was average. There were the usual fruits and vegetables and a generous sprinkling of crushed peanuts. The freshly toasted tau pok and youtiao (or you char kway) were light and crispy. The prawn paste sauce was well balanced – strong and rich with a tangy kick, and not overly sweet. Auntie Jessie’s traditional rojak was a delightful mixture of tastes and textures.

Auntie Jessie Rojak

Taukwa Pau & Popiah

We also tried the Taukwa Pau ($2.50 each) and Popiah ($2.50 per roll) from Auntie Jessie Rojak.

Taukwa Pau

The taukwa pau, or stuffed beancurd, was served piping hot. The gold standard for taukwa pau in the East is perhaps the beancurd bag of Say Seng Tau Kwa Pau. Auntie Jessie’s version measured up pretty well. The stewed and fried ingredients stuffed in fried beancurd with soft inside combined with the savoury brown sauce to produce flavourful comfort food.

Auntie Jessie Rojak - Popiah

The Popiah was fairly ordinary. It was not bad but it would not be difficult to find more deletable versions of Peranakan or traditional popiah in Katong and Marine Parade.

Popiah in Katong Shopping Centre

Nice Local Food

Golden Cafe Food Court

Opened in 1973, Katong Shopping Centre is perhaps now best known for the Dona Manis Cake Shop and Katong Delicious Boneless Chicken Rice. Food options in the old shopping centre have become more interesting recently. Humble Scoop has been joined by the likes of Ipoh Tuck Kee Son and Killiney Kopitiam.

With the opening of Golden Cafe Food Court, there is now also a pleasant air-conditioned space in Katong Shopping Centre to enjoy nice local food such as Auntie Jessie’s traditional rojak and other heritage hawker fare.

Auntie Jessie Rojak Katong
Katong Shopping Centre Golden Cafe
865 Mountbatten Road, Singapore 437844

There are Auntie Jessie Rojak outlets in Parkway Parade Food Republic, Northpoint City Kopitiam and VivoCity Food Republic.

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