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Ivy’s Hainanese Mutton Soup @ Pasir Panjang

Ivy’s Hainanese Mutton Soup was on our radar after our positive experience with the Hainanese beef stew at the Hainan restaurant at Jewel Changi. Ivy’s seems to be the leading Chinese mutton soup in Singapore. It was the first name that came up when we searched for Hainanese mutton soup. It has a Google review rating of 4.2 stars.

Ivy's Hainanese Mutton Soup review

Pasir Panjang Food Centre

Pasir Panjang Food Centre is a mature hawker centre across the road from Haw Par Villa. The building is U-shaped, with half the tables exposed to the elements, al fresco, in the middle of the U. Because of its small size, the variety of food offered at this hawker is rather limited. There seems to be a number of seafood stalls. Maybe it is a place that comes alive at night, like a beer garden. On a clear evening, the open air concept makes it a good place to eat satay and grilled sting ray with beer after a visit to the famous tourist attraction, Haw Par Villa. Ivy’s is one of the most famous stalls at this hawker centre.

Ivy’s Hainanese Mutton Soup Menu

Here are pictures of some portions of the Hainanese Mutton Soup menu on display at Pasir Panjang. Even though there is only one type of food – mutton soup, there are quite a few varieties to choose from – regular herbal mutton soup, tendon soup, lamb shank, lamb spice soup etc. I believe the ones with shank and spine would appeal to those who like bone marrow. For us, novices to this dish, the regular one was our pick – a medium sized herbal mutton soup ($25) to be shared by two persons. Rice costs 80 cents per bowl.

Ivy's Hainanese Herbal Mutton Soup
Ivy’s Hainanese Mutton Soup menu
Ivy's Hainanese Mutton Soup
Ivy’s Hainanese Mutton Soup menu

Hainanese Mutton Soup at Pasir Panjang

Our medium sized claypot was filled with thick soup and various ingredients. We could immediately see pieces of mutton, small pieces of chopped up vegetables, black fungus and tofu.

Ivy's Hainanese Mutton Soup

Our only concern when we decided to try Ivy’s mutton soup is our fear of a strong mutton flavour. We were glad that this was not a problem. Neither was the herbal taste over-powering. This was a very mild mutton soup. If there was one thing we could change, it would be the reduction of the level of sweetness. The use of wolf berries helps to soften the flavours but the overall sweetness was a tad too high for us. We prefer the lamb stew balance of flavours in the Hainan Story Jewel version.

Ivy's Hainanese Herbal Mutton Soup

Mutton Ribs

The amount of mutton in the claypot was not a lot, but we were happy with the type of meat provided. They were mostly pieces of ribs and regular shaped meat. The size of ribs was small and the mutton was really tender. In terms of the quality of the mutton, we prefer Ivy’s Mutton Soup in Pasir Panjang over the Hainan Story version.

Ivy's Hainanese Mutton Soup

Here is a sample of items that were scooped out of the soup. A good mix of food items that go well with steamed rice. The medium was adequate for two persons. We think it is a nice dish to try once in a while and is a good break from the usual hawker food dishes.


Ivy’s Hainanese Mutton Soup

Pasir Panjang Food Centre, Stall 14
121 Pasir Panjang Road
Singapore 11854

Opening Hours
Monday to Saturday 11.30am to 9 pm


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