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Poise Restaurant Review – New European Dining in Singapore

The new Poise Restaurant in Singapore is described as “modern European dining with a Nordic touch”. This cozy restaurant in the Keong Saik area is a welcome addition to the fine dining scene in downtown Singapore.

Poise Restaurant Review  Singapore

Poise Restaurant Location

Poise Restaurant is located along Teck Lim Road, a small lane off Keong Saik Road. It is in good food territory. Famous French restaurant Nicolas lives next door. Modern Spanish restaurant Esquina is a few steps away. There are many more famous restaurants in this part of Singapore which is near Chinatown. Good parallel parking skills are useful to have for the roadside lots in this area.

Poise Restaurant Review  Singapore
Poise Restaurant Singapore

Restaurant Reservation – Main Dining or Kitchen View

When we made the Poise restaurant reservation – a choice of dining location was available – kitchen view or main dining area. We tried doing internet searches of photos of the Poise restaurant interior, but the what we managed to find was not of much use. For our readers faced with a similar choice, here are pictures of the two dining areas. The picture above shows the kitchen view area – small tables near the entrance with a view of the kitchen.

Poise Restaurant Review  Singapore

These pictures show the main dining area. The three round tables are located in room corners, giving this a spacious, comfortable feel. We were glad we chose the main area of Poise restaurant for our lunch.

Poise Restaurant Menu

For lunch, the restaurant offers two menus – a four course $118++ and a five course $198 ++ menu. We picked the latter which is more than just an additional course. The 5-course latter has more luxurious items like caviar and pigeon, which we understand are signature dishes of this restaurant. Here are pictures of the lunch menus that were available at our visit in November 2022.

Poise Restaurant Singapore menu

In the evening, the restaurant offers a 7 Course $258++ dinner menu.

Poise Wine List

Poise restaurant’s wine list has bottles priced from around $135 upwards. Wines by the glass are available, starting from $30 each. Here are a couple of sample pages from the Poise wine list.

Poise Restaurant Wine List Singapore

Our Wines For Lunch at Poise

The restaurant has a 1-for-1 BYO wine corkage policy, for up to 2 bottles per reservation. We decided on a bottle of white wine from the restaurant list – Chateau Favray Pouilly Fume 2021 ($135++). The sauvignon blanc was dry and crisp – great for the seafood dishes and general refreshment on a hot Singapore afternoon.

A bottle of red Burgundy was brought from home – 2011 Domaine Fourrier Morey-Saint-Denis Clos Solon Vieilles Vignes. A red Burgundy should go well with most types of French / European cuisine and this was the case. Although more than a decade old, it was still fresh and fruity. It went well with the meat items that day.

Snacks and Appetisers

A trio of snacks appear after the orders were taken. These had been intricately prepared and a detailed description was given of them. I do not remember most of the details. Only that they were extremely delicious – perhaps even the most interesting part of the meal.


Bread and two types of butter (salted or with chicken fat) were also served. We appreciated the care in which these “basic” food items had been prepared and presented.

The first dish of the day was the “Prawn” appetiser. Made with prawn, caviar and artichoke it was almost too beautiful to eat. But we did what we had to do. A light and positive start to the meal proper!

Main Course – Chicken, Caviar and Pigeon

The next three courses were not much larger than the appetiser. The first to arrive was the “Chicken” dish. This was presented as the chef’s interpretation of the traditional French chicken dish, coq au vin. It tasted lighter than the usual chicken stew and much smaller – a drumstick of a young bird perhaps.

Poise Restaurant Review Singapore

Next was the caviar dish, This was finished at the table by the chef with a healthy amount of caviar. It provided a nice break between two meat dishes.

The pigeon dish was the most substantial dish of the day. We also thought that it was the impressive in terms of depth of flavours. The pigeon was cooked perfectly and smothered with a tasty sauce. This brought to mind the pigeon that was served at Odette. Poise’s pigeon may not be served with the same pomp and pageantry, but it tasted even better.

A Sweet Ending

Our lunch at Poise restaurant ended on a soft note with some guanaja chocolate ice-cream and petit fours.

Food: 4
Service: 4
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 5
Overall Rating: 4 TOPs  

4 tops

Poise Restaurant
6 Teck Lim Rd, Singapore 088384

Lunch : 1200 – 1315
Dinner : 1830 – 2000
(Timings above are indicative of last seatings, and not closing times.)
Closed on Thursday Afternoons, Sundays and Mondays.


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