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Poisson Restaurant Singapore – New Seafood Restaurant at Bukit Pasoh

Poisson Restaurant is a newish Singapore restaurant that specialises in seafood. Look out for this deep-sea diver when you are heading to this restaurant as the signboard is hard to spot from a distance.

Poisson Restaurant Singapore Review

The Restaurant

Like many restaurants in the Keong Saik dining enclave, Poisson Restaurant is located on the ground floor of a shophouse. It is a few doors away from another trendy restaurant in this area, Clos Pasoh. “Poisson” is fish in French. This “Fish” Restaurant is part of the 159 Atas restaurant group which also has a beef restaurant named Boeuf in Telok Ayer.

Poisson Restaurant Singapore Review

The Poisson restaurant looks better than it appears from the outside. The blue tones and schools of fish adorning the wall are consistent with the seafood theme of the restaurant. The dining area is long and narrow. The designers should be commended for decorating such a tight space so that it feels cosy rather than cramped.

Poisson Restaurant Singapore Review

Poisson Restaurant Menu

The folks at Poisson have also stayed faithful to the theme when designing the menu. Caviar, oysters, prawns, fish, squids and lobsters are on the menu. There is no sign of any beef, pork or lamb. Here are pictures of the very focussed menu. In addition to this a la carte menu, they also have set lunch menus that start from $48++. We made a few selections from the the a la carte menu.

Poisson Restaurant Menu Singapore Review
Poisson Restaurant Singapore Menu Review

Poisson Restaurant Wine & BYO in Nov 2022

Here are pictures of sample portions from the Poisson wine list. For the month of November 22, the restaurant has introduced corkage free BYO on Tuesdays and Wednesday. We do not know if this will continue after that. Please check directly with the restaurant if this is something that will interest you.

Poisson Restaurant Singapore Wine List
Poisson Restaurant Wine List

Our BYO bottle of the day was a 2019 Domaine Joblot Givry 1er Cru En Veau Blanc. We figured that a light to medium chardonnay from Burgundy would be suitable for all sorts of seafood. That was indeed the case.

Bread and Spread

The bread and accompanying spread served at Poisson restaurant deserves special mention. The bread came in different flavours – all very good. The spread to go with it could be a dish in itself. Made with ingredients we are not sure of (possibly butter, cream and chopped up bits of seafood), it was a good start to lunch.

Poisson Restaurant Lunch – Grilled Lobster

We selected the grilled lobster tail ($50), grilled squid ($24), crab pasta ($35) and a Choco de Coco ($15) for dessert. The lobster (picture below) was smaller than we anticipated. The crustacean itself did not have much of a natural taste. Fortunately the chef appears to be skilful at making a very good sauce using roasted capsicum Iberico bellota and Jerusalem artichoke. Together with the sauce it was a tasty lobster dish.

Grilled Lobster Tail

Grilled Squid

We thought that the grilled squid was the best dish that day. The portion size was more in line with what we anticipated. The medium sized squids were cooked to perfection with the onion, tomato and herbs vinaigrette providing the X factor.

Grilled Squid

Crab Pasta

We had mixed feelings about the pasta. There was initial disappointment when we did not spot sizeable pieces of crab meat. The crab’s existence lie mostly in the form of the flavouring of the rich white creamy (carbonara?) sauce. Once again, the chef’s skill at making sauces is admirable. This was a good pasta dish.

Poisson Crab Pasta


Our dessert of Choco de Coco was a scoop of vanilla ice cream on a sea of 70% warm chocolate. It was a plain dish, not much to look at but all was forgiven because the chocolate taste was strong and rich.

That concluded our lunch at Poisson Restaurant at Bukit Pasoh Singapore where space was tight but service was friendly and helpful.

Poisson Restaurant Singapore Review

Food: 4
Service: 4
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 4
Overall Rating: 4 TOPs  

4 tops
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Poisson Restaurant
48 Bukit Pasoh 
Singapore 089859

Tel +65 6223 2131

Opening Hours:
Tue – Fri  :  12pm -2pm & 6pm to midnight
(Last food order 10.30pm / drink order 11.30pm)
Sat: Brunch from 11 to 3pm
(Booking from 11am to 1pm)
Closed on Sunday & Monday

Nearby MRT Station: Outram


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