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Tiong Hoe Cafe At Stirling Road, Queenstown

Tiong Hoe Cafe (full name – Tiong Hoe Specialty Coffee) is a charming cafe in the middle of the quiet Queenstown neighbourhood of Stirling Road. The coffee wholesaler also supplies retail customers via coffee subscription options and several cafe outlets in Singapore. You can read about the history of Mr Tan Tiong Hoe here.

Tiong Hoe Cafe review At Stirling Road, Queenstown

Tiong Hoe Cafe at Queenstown

Compared to other HDB estates in Singapore, Queenstown seems to be a bit quieter and relaxed. Those who have taken their driving tests at the now defunct Queenstown Driving Centre will be familiar with this area. Roads like Stirling Road and Mei Ling Street have slopes which are dreaded. As only manual “L” cars were available those days, stopping at junctions meant handbrake starts that could ruin a driving test.

Tiong Hoe Cafe review At Stirling Road, Queenstown

The Tiong Hoe cafe is small, but the size of the coffee machine is out of proportion to the cafe, Coffee is serious business here.

Tiong Hoe Cafe review At Stirling Road, Queenstown
Tiong Hoe Cafe  - Tiong Hoe Specialty Coffee

It is hard to tell you when is a good time to visit the cafe. There are days when the Tiong Hoe cafe is almost deserted, as in the above pictures.

Tiong Hoe Cafe  Tiong Hoe Specialty Coffee

On some days it gets very crowded, which is not difficult as it is a small cafe. There are a few seats outside for the late comers or those who prefer natural ventilation. This is obviously a no frills cafe where coffee is the main reason to be there.

Tiong Hoe Cafe Menu

Here is a picture of the menu – different types of coffee and some other drinks. The coffee beans used are changed from time to time. It is useful to visit to try out which beans to buy for home.

Tiong Hoe Cafe menu

As you can expect, the coffee is well brewed with good taste and texture. Here are pictures of some of the coffees we have tried there. So far we have liked all their blends used for their espresso coffee.

Buying Coffee for Home

In addition to serving coffee, different types of coffee beans are available for sale. The range of style and price is wide. Local coffee beans are around $17 per kg. Single origin Colombian coffee costs $44.95 for 200g.


The coffee bean we usually buy for home is the Gachala Signature blend. They describe the flavour as stone fruits, nutty and chocolatey. We cannot detect all that but can say that it is a pleasant blend that does not have the sourish taste that we dislike. We have been able to re-create a cafe-style coffee at home with this bean. It is good as black or with milk, but is best with oat milk.

We have given up grinding beans at home with our basic grinder. Having them do it at the store gives better results and with less noise and effort at home. Here is a picture of the Tiong Ho Gachala coffee bean being ground.


Tiong Hoe Specialty Coffee
170 Stirling Road #01-1133
Singapore 140170

Opening Hours
Weekdays: 8:00AM to 4:45PM
Weekends/PH: 8:30AM to 4:15PM


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