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Lola’s Café Holland Village – Hip New Cafe at Lorong Mambong

Lola’s Café Holland Village is the new outlet of the popular Lola’s Cafe in Hougang. Being the last unit in a row of restaurants at Lorong Mambong, it is hardly visible to a casual passerby. But inside, it is buzzing with activity, even on a weekday afternoon.

Lola’s Café Holland Village

New Cafe at Holland Village

Lola’s Café Holland Village takes up both floors of the corner unit. The cake display and food preparation area are located on the ground floor where there are a few small alfresco tables. The main dining area is upstairs. The tastefully decorated decor is Instagram-worthy.

Lola’s Café Holland Village Reservation

We were only offered late lunch time slots when we made the restaurant reservation. It was still full when we arrived at around 2.30pm on a weekday. As our lunch progressed the crowd thinned but there was still a constant arrival of diners. It is best to have a reservation, which can be done on the cafe website.

Lola’s Café Holland Village review

The Best Seats in The House

There are quite a few seating permutations in the cafe. The degree of comfort varies depending on which area you get assigned to. Most of the seats (some with stools and some chairs) are those facing the windows. The lucky ones are those who get the banquette seats which are luxurious in comparison with the others.

Lola’s Café Holland Village Menu

Here are pictures of the Holland Village menu. The food seems quite typical of cafes these days. Brunch food – such as pasta, sandwiches and egg dishes. At dinner time a few more substantial items are available such as duck confit. We decided on a Shashuka ($18), Pulled Pork & Avocado Eggs Benedict ($18) and Waffles.

Lola’s Café Holland Village menu
Lola’s Café Holland Village menu

Eggs Benedict and Shashuka

The Pulled Pork & Avocado Eggs Benedict was quite an average looking dish. But it certainly tasted better than a typical cafe Eggs Benedict. We cannot put a finger on why it was so. Perhaps it is a combination of the seasoning of the pork and also the proportion of the various ingredients to make up a harmonious combination.

A better looking dish, the Shashuka looked lovely with its rich red gravy. With a mildly spicy flavour, the tangy tomato based gravy is the perfect dip to go with bread. It reminded us of the equally delicious one at Bread Yard (One North) The only problem is that it does not come with some bread on the side. Sourdough is available as a side dish ($2). That is basically a ‘compulsory’ option as it would be a waste to try to eat the shashuka on its own..

The sourdough deserves special mention as it was a well-made and toasted bread. Apart from the slightly hard crust, most of the bread had a chewy soft texture. Lightly toasted, it gets a grainy texture that enabled it to grip the gravy. The shashuka and sourdough is a dish we would eat again at Lola’s Café Holland Village.

Lola’s Cafe Waffles

There are many choices for dessert at Lola’s. We decided on the Hazelnut Waffle ($14). It was a good choice. The presentation was impressive. The crispy waffles was light and complemented the hazelnut ice cream. This was one of the best we have tried in recent times. For the title of our favourite waffles, it is a toss up between this and the one at Sunday Folks (also at Holland V).

Lola’s Café Holland Village Waffles

We had an iced mocha and latte with our dessert.

Food: 4
Service: 3
Value: 4
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 4 TOPs 

4 tops

Lola’s Café Holland Village
48 Lorong Mambong, Singapore 277699

Opening Hours:
9 am – 9:30 pm (Tues – Sun)
Closed on Mondays

Nearby MRT Station: Holland Village


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