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Wu Pao Chun Christmas Bread, Buns for CNY, Valentines & Friends

Famous Taiwanese bakery, Wu Pao Chun released a range of Christmas bread & buns in time for the 2022 festive season. In addition, their interesting collection of bakes make them suitable for the coming 2023 Chinese New Year, Valentine’s Day and other occasions. We show you some of the breads that caught our eye at the Capitol Singapore outlet recently.

Wu Pao Chun Christmas Bread & Buns for CNY, Valentines' Day

Wu Pao Chun Capitol Singapore

The first Wu Pao Chun Singapore outlet at Capitol still looks roughly the same as our visit a few years ago when it first opened. The main difference is that it was less crowded. Perhaps the second Singapore outlet at Paragon has spread out some traffic. The open spaces make it an even nicer place to browse and select the bakery items. It also provided an opportunity for us to better appreciate the buns on display.

Christmas Breads and Buns

As we are directly in the midst of the X’mas season, Christmas breads and buns feature prominently at Wu Pao Chun. Their signature red wine longan breads feature a “Merry Christmas” greeting instead of the usual bakery pattern. These are large loaves of bread with the aroma of wine soaked dried longan and roasted walnuts.

Wu Pao Chun Christmas Bread & Buns for CNY, Valentines' Day
Wu Pao Chun Christmas Bread & Buns for CNY, Valentines' Day
Wu Pao Chun Christmas Bread

If these loaves are too big or hard, there are mini versions available.

Browsing further at the shop, we found these Christmas breads that will make excellent gifts during the festive season. Chestnut Cane, Jingle Ginger, Snowy Chocolate, Mini Mistletoe and Wreath of Joy were some that stood out from the display cases.


Breads for Chinese New Year

In addition to the specifically created Christmas breads, we thought that some of their regular items may be suitable for the coming 2023 CNY which is round the corner. Chinese New Year is sometimes referred to as the Spring Festival. For the celebration of the arrival of spring, these spring themed breads might be suitable.

Spring Blossom, Spring Into Life and Spring Dog perhaps?

Bread for Valentines and Friends

Tired of giving or receiving flowers and chocolates? The Blooming Heart bread is made with rose-infused dough and packed with various ingredients that “…celebrates the love that blooms within each of us”.

We would certainly be happy to receive a gift of Wholesome Sweetness or an invitation to be Nutty Together.

The cute and funny descriptions of some of the breads and buns make them suitable as gifts for anyone. A gift of Mr Wiggly or Mr Hamsun will surely bring a smile to the face of the recipient.


BTW, Mr Hamsun seems to be the most popular bread at Wu Pao Chun Capitol. It was almost sold out with only one solitary piece left on the shelf.

Christmas Bread and Spring Blossom From Wu Pao Chun Capitol

These were the two items we bought – Wreath of Joy (a Christmas bread) and a Spring Blossom. They were both excellent. The latter in particular is a unique type of bun which features the aroma and taste of lots of spring onions.

Wu Pao Chun Bakery
Capitol Singapore #01-19/20
13 Stamford Rd
Singapore 178905

Nearby MRT Station: City Hall


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