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Kan Sushi Restaurant at Robertson Quay

Kan Sushi at Robertson Quay is an authentic Japanese restaurant that will evoke memories of eating in a small sushi restaurant in Japan. It serves good food with freshly shipped Japanese ingredients.

Kan Sushi at Robertson Quay

Kan Sushi at Robertson Quay

The sushi restaurant is located on the ground level of the Village Residence Robertson Quay You are not likely to find Kan Sushi if you walk around the building because it is hidden in the inner courtyard of the mixed development. It has a small door with no obvious signboard.

The interior is distinctly Japanese. There is a sushi counter with seats for up to eight patrons. A small dining room can accommodate another eight to ten diners.

Menu of Kan Sushi

Kan Sushi offers set meals, omakase courses as well as ala carte items. Sushi, Sashimi and Tempura are on the menu. Other a la carte items include Chawanmushi, Eel Egg Omelette, Grilled Octopus with Yam, Seared Wagyu Beef and Japanese Boiled Pork.

Set Meals @ Kan Sushi

We visited Kan Sushi at Robertson Quay for lunch. The レディースセット Lady’s Set ( $38) seemed like a good deal. Since we wanted a variety of sushi, we selected the 寿司刺身セットSushi Sashimi Set ($128).

Set meals at Kan Sushi Restaurant at Robertson Quay

The Lady’s Set comprised
5 kinds of sashimi
4 kinds of tempura
Half udon noodle

The Sushi Sashimi Set comprised
5 kinds of sashimi
10 pieces of Sushi
Miso soup

Appetizer - Kan Sushi


We did not have to wait long for our food. The Appetizer was served almost immediately and the salad and chawanmushi soon followed. The presentation was simple but attractive. The taste did not disappoint.

Sashimi at Kan Sushi Restaurant at Robertson Quay

The plating for the sashimi was a bit fancier. Scallop, squid, tuna, salmon and prawn were neatly arranged on a curved glass plate and framed by the green of a dollop of wasabi and a shiso leaf. Each piece of sashimi had good taste and consistency.

Lady's Set at Kan Sushi Restaurant at Robertson Quay

The tempura and udon of the Lady’s Set were served next. The portion was quite generous. The lightly battered, deep fried seafood and vegetables had a nice golden colour. The crisp batter was irresistibly crunchy. The dipping sauce provided enhanced the taste of the tempura.

Tempura at Kan Sushi Restaurant at Robertson Quay

The 10 pieces of Sushi from the Sushi Sashimi Set were made fresh and served one by one.

The chef introduced each piece of sushi to us; however, we could not remember most of what he said. Included were sea bream, tuna, salmon and flounder. A few pieces were served with just a dash of soy sauce. Others had toppings. Each piece was interesting. The feel and taste of the seafood, the texture of the rice, as well as the flavours of the toppings were all in harmony. Nothing was overpowering. It was a very satisfying sushi treat.

Matcha Ice Cream - Kan Sushi Restaurant at Robertson Quay

Desert was a simple scoop of matcha ice cream.

Hokkaido Snow Crab

We were persuaded by the friendly and engaging chef to try the seasonal Hokkaido Snow Crab ($78).

Hokkaido Snow Crab Kan Sushi

The dish was plated to impress. The meat had been removed from the shell and stacked on top of a glass cube together with the crab roe and the paste found inside the shell (sometimes referred to as crab miso). The crab meat was moist, tender and sweet. The roe had a soft and slightly chewy texture. The dish was interesting and enjoyable.

Hokkaido Snow Crab Kan Sushi at Robertson Quay

Where Japanese Dine

There are many Japanese restaurants in and around Robertson Quay. When we visited Kan Sushi at Robertson Quay, there were a number of Japanese-speaking patrons dining at the restaurant. That would lend considerable credence to the claim of it being an authentic Japanese restaurant.

Hokkaido Snow Crab Kan Sushi Restaurant at Robertson Quay

We enjoyed the food at Kan Sushi and the chefs and staff were friendly. All things considered, the prices are not exorbitant. The small cozy sushi restaurant may be hard to find but the effort to find it could well be much appreciated by your discerning palate.

Food: 4
Service: 4
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 4 TOPs  4 tops

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Kan Sushi Robertson Quay
30 Robertson Quay, #01-04, Singapore 238251

6970 7168

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