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Famous Treasure Chinese Restaurant Lunch Using CHOPE points and Voucher

We had lunch at Famous Treasure Chinese restaurant at Capitol Singapore recently. The two things you may want to know about this restaurant are: (1) their roast meats are really nice and (2) it is not a bad place to use CHOPE points and get a 20% discount voucher.

Famous Treasure Chinese Restaurant  Review Lunch

Famous Treasure Chinese Restaurant @ Capitol

Famous Treasure Chinese restaurant opened at the Capitol Singapore mall in 2018, taking over the space formerly occupied by the Four Seasons Chinese Restaurant.

Famous Treasure Chinese Restaurant  Review Lunch

The design of this restaurant is bold and bright. With the big displays of famous wine and whisky brands in different parts of the dining hall, it is clear that beverages are given as much prominence as food in this f & b space. Indeed, Famous Treasure Chinese restaurant has an outstanding wine list. You can see more pictures of the restaurant and some parts of the wine list in our 2018 post.

Famous Treasure Chinese Restaurant  Review Lunch

Using CHOPE Points and Discount Vouchers

Having used the CHOPE reservation system for many restaurant bookings we have chalked up quite a few points but used relatively few of them. Some have expired partly because of neglect and partly because we are not very familiar with the system. The Chope points (known as Chope Dollars) can be redeemed for various things.

In our case we used the Chope App to convert some Chope Dollars to get a discount code. We used 2,600 Chope points in exchange for a $30 discount code. This code was sent to us by email.

Famous Treasure Chinese Restaurant  Review Chope Voucher

The next step is to use the discount code to buy a voucher to use at the restaurant. Note – not all restaurants accept vouchers and each one may have peculiar T & Cs. So check carefully before redeeming your points and buying vouchers. We found the Famous Treasure 20% Chope discount to be useful as this restaurant does not have limited dining hours. It can be used all-day from Monday to Sunday.

As it is priced with the 80% discount, a $100 voucher can be purchased for $80. Further applying the $30 discount code that we had obtained with our points. Thus, we paid a nett amount of $50 for a $100 voucher that can be spent at the restaurant. Not a bad start to lunch.

Famous Treasure Chinese Restaurant Menu

Here are some pictures of sample sections of the menu. We decided to have roasted BBQ Duo combination platter of char siew and roasted duck ($28 for a small serving), wok- fried cod fish with ginger and spring onions ($32), fried kai lan with beef and a Signature Char Kway Teow ($18 for a small serving).

Famous Treasure Chinese Restaurant  Review Lunch Menu
Famous Treasure Chinese Restaurant  Menu
Famous Treasure Chinese Restaurant  Menu

Our Lunch

The best dish of the day was the BBQ platter. Both the roast duck and char siew were very good. Not quite the level of the ones at Hua Ting that we ate recently, but certainly better than most other Chinese restaurants in Singapore that we have tried.


The cod fish was nicely fried, benefitting from the fragrance of the spring onion and ginger. This would have been better with some plain Teochew porridge.

The kai lan with beef was not bad, but we would have been just as happy with it without the beef which did not add much to the overall enjoyment of the vegetables.

Our least favourite dish of the day was the fried kway teow. It was a fried kway teow dish with bean sprouts. Fortunately Famous Treasure Chinese restaurant has developed a very pleasant and unique chinchalok paste (I believe made with fermented seafood such as small prawns) that seems to make anything taste better. Eating the CKT with the paste did improve its taste.

For a future visit, a $50 voucher will suffice. With that we will be content with the BBQ platter, fried kai lan and plain rice.

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Food: 4
Service: 4
Value: 4
Atmosphere: 4
Overall Rating: 4 TOPs 

4 tops
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Famous Treasure Capitol
13 Stamford Road
#02-28 Capitol Piazza
Singapore 178905

Tel: +65  6881-6668

Opening Hours: 11.30am to 3pm and 6pm to 10.30pm

Nearby MRT Station : City Hall


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