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SYIP Farrer Park : Hip Cafe + Beautiful Food

SYIP Farrer Park showed up on the map when we searched for cafes in the area after our bak kut teh brunch at Owen Road (which we will write about in a few days). It was a good find.

SYIP Farrer Park Cafe review

SYIP Cafes at Owen Road and at Bendemeer

SYIP Farrer Park opened in 2021 to rave reviews. Currently they have a Google review score of 4.4 stars. The most common complaint is the long queue time to get in during meal times and weekends. The trick is to be there at off peak hours – which was what we did on a weekday. There were only four groups of diners. But we sensed the population increasing as we neared 11.30am and left just before that time.

SYIP Farrer Park Cafe review

From what we have read, it seems that the cafe was started by two Yip sisters who cleverly incorporated the family name in the cafe name. SYIP is pronounced “sip”. After the first SYIP cafe at Owen Road, they have recently opened a second one at Bendemeer Road. Named SYIP Luzerne, it is a much larger cafe. While the theme is similar, the two cafes have some differences in the menus – which we think is a good idea so cafe-crawlers can have more items to discover.

SYIP Farrer Park Cafe review

SYIP Farrer Park Menu

Here are pictures of some pages from the online cafe menu. There are no surprises here. Brunch food featuring egg dishes, rice bowls and some pasta items are on the menu.

Sweet French Toast

What was surprising was how they were able to make the common French toast so beautiful. I cannot help but recall the even more beautiful berry ricotta hotcake that we had some years back at the Paddy Hills Cafe, which unfortunately closed in 2021. You can view that beautiful dish in our post The hot chick at Paddy Hills Cafe is quite ugly.

With an appearance like this, it has to taste good. Honestly I cannot remember what the SYIP French toast ($16) tasted. Probably not bad but my feeble mind, already won over by its looks, is easily distracted. We had a glance at the next table and their creamy chicken scrambled egg croissant ($18) was very attractive as well.

As for drinks we had a iced SYIP white coffee ($7 picture above) and a white coffee ($5.5). The coffee was of a good cafe standard. The iced SYIP coffee was more fancy, containing cream which made it taste rather unique. It is worth trying on a first visit.

Overall, we can see why the SYIP cafes are so popular. Finding a gleaming white cafe in the midst of a row of old hardware shops is quite interesting. With nice food and coffee, it is not difficult to take it easy and have a syip of coffee.

SYIP Farrer Park
79 Owen Rd, Singapore 218895

Open Daily 9am to 6 pm

Food: 4
Service: 3
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 3 TOPS

3 Tops


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