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LUNA – new hip dessert cafe in Joo Chiat

There is a hip patisserie nestled in the midst of a row of old shophouses in Amoy Street that sells aesthetically pleasing and tasteful desserts. LUNA’s array of delicious and beautiful cakes and pastries is now available in the East with its newly opened dessert cafe in the charming historic neighborhood of Joo Chiat.

LUNA - new hip dessert cafe in Joo Chiat

LUNA dessert cafe in Joo Chiat

The second outlet of LUNA is located in a row of shophouses near the junction of Joo Chiat Road and Joo Chiat Place. There is a big public car park at that road junction.

LUNA Joo Chiat dessert cafe

Situated in a row of old shophouses with old school provision shops and local snack stalls, LUNA Joo Chiat stands out with its contemporary dazzling white and glass facade.

LUNA Joo Chiat dessert cafe

The dessert cafe has a modern industrial interior design, featuring exposed walls and pillars. It has elegant furniture. There is a wall, with a big glass window, which separates the main dining hall from the bakery. The glass window allows customers to see the bakers at work. It adds an interesting and interactive element to the cafe experience.

LUNA dessert cafe at Joo Chiat

The focal point of the cafe is the beautiful stone counter with contemporary designer lights hanging overhead.

LUNA pastisserie Joo Chiat
LUNA Joo Chiat

The counter is where guests can see a display of LUNA’s pretty cakes and pastries. It is also where the baristas are at work. Order and payment are also made at the counter.

LUNA entremets
LUNA pastisserie - cakes and pastries


LUNA cakes and Madeleine

The dessert cafe in Joo Chiat has a simple menu which, strictly speaking, is not necessary as most of the items available are on display. LUNA Joo Chiat Menu has items exclusive to the outlet – which include Madeleine in seasonal flavours and Strawberry Vanilla Panna Cotta. Patrons who are not into sweet treats are limited to the savoury quiche.

Below are pictures of the LUNA Joo Chiat Menu.

LUNA joo Chiat Menu
LUNA joo Chiat Drinks Menu
LUNA joo Chiat Filter Coffee  Menu

Entrements & Quiche at LUNA Joo Chiat

Entrements & Quiche at LUNA Joo Chiat

We ordered a Long Black ($5) and a Flat White ($6) to go with an assortment of items from various sections of LUNA Joo Chiat’s menu. From the Entremets section, we chose the Apple Peach Cheesecake ($9) and Honey Yoghurt Walnut ($9). We also had the Outlet Exclusive Rhubard Strawberry ($8.50). Our savoury selection was the Forest Mushroom Quiche ($7).

Being superficial people, our options were based purely on outward appearance. We could not tell how each of the items would taste like based on the menu. So essentially we just opted for the desserts that pleased the eyes. Well, the quiche, which was not a looker, was for the person who was trying, rather unsuccessfully, to control sugar intake.

Savoury Quiche

Quiche at LUNA Joo Chiat

We soon realised that food that did not look pretty could be most satisfying. The Forest Mushroom Quiche, with a combination of flavours from the mushrooms, eggs and cheese, was delicious. There was a rich earthy taste and and the buttery crust added a satisfying texture.

quiche at LUNA cafe

Pretty Sweet Treats

Apple Peach Cheesecake at LUNA Joo Chiat

The Apple Peach Cheesecake was one of the most attractive desserts at LUNA Joo Chiat. It was described as “caramelised apple peach tartin, cream cheese mousse, on top of a sweet and salty biscuit base”. It had sweet, but not too sweet, and tangy flavours. The light and airy mousse inside had a nice creamy taste. The biscuit base gave good contrast of texture to the dessert.

LUNA Joo Chiat Rhubarb Strawberry

LUNA Joo Chiat exclusive Rhubard Strawberry was a pretty vanilla tart with strawberry mousse and rhubarb-strawberry compote.

The Honey Yoghurt Walnut was edible art. Honey lemon choux pastry filled with lemon curd and walnut bits were encased with a light yoghurt mousse, and topped with an edible-gold chocolate honeycomb piece. The puff pastry had a light and crisp texture and the honey lemon curd filling was a combination of tangy and sweet. It was a light and deletable dessert.

LUNA Honey Yoghurt Walnut tart

The barista brewed coffee was good – smooth and rich.

coffee at LUNA Joo Chiat dessert cafe

A Cozy Dessert Cafe

LUNA Joo Chiat is a dessert café with a cozy and inviting atmosphere, comfortable seating and ample space for patrons to spread out and enjoy their desserts. Savoury food is limited but pretty sweet treats are aplenty.

It is also a great place for seasonal special treats – such as Chocolate Mint Snow Skin Mooncakes, and Sweet Celebrations Christmas Set with Triple Chocolate Christmas Tree Cake. For Chinese New Year 2023, LUNA has a Sweet Fortune CNY Set (available till 31 January 2023).

LUNA Joo Chiat dessert cafe

Food: 4
Service: 3
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 4
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs 3 Tops


121 Joo Chiat Road, Singapore 427410

Tel: +65

Opening Hours:
Sun-Thu: 11 am – 6.30 pm
Fri & Sat: 11 am – 9 pm


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