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Mod Cafe – cosy cafe in East Coast

Cruising under the radar in East Coast is MOD Cafe – a small cosy cafe right next to the MOD Hair Salon.

MOD Cafe
1A Kuo Chuan Avenue

Quaint & Cosy Cafe

Located in a rustic car park at the junction of Kuo Chuan Avenue and East Coast Road is a long single-storey structure dressed in pastel blue. It looks like it is made of shipping containers. However, it is an old building that was part of the estate at Kuo Chuan Avenue comprising colonial houses built by the Lee Kong Chian’s family to house workers. The street is named after Lee Kuo Chuan, the father of Lee Kong Chian – a Chinese businessman and philanthropist who was once the chairman of OCBC Bank.

The quaint building now houses the MOD Hair Salon and MOD cafe. The salon is separated from the cafe by a glass partition.

MOD Cafe East Coast

Much of the cosy cafe’s space is taken up by the food preparation area, the barista counter and an ice cream display freezer. There are only a few small tables. A bench and counter seats can accommodate more diners.

MOD Cafe at Kuo Chuan Avenue

Menu of MOD Cafe

Towards the later part of 2022, the cafe was given a new look and a refreshed menu. It now offers simple brunch food, waffle, cakes, ice cream, coffee, wine and even whiskey. ‘ChongYouBing’ Waffle, Sugarless Protein Waffle with Manuka Honey and Doffee (Donut & Coffee in a Cup) are among the interesting items on the menu.

The menu of MOD Cafe is on its website. Below are a few screenshots of the digital menu of the food-ordering phone app.

Brunch at MOD Cafe

We visited the charming cafe for brunch and ordered the signature ChongYouBing Waffle ($9.90) and the Breakfast Combo ($16.90), with Long Black Coffee ($4.90) and Latte ($5.90).

ChongYouBing’ Waffle

ChongYouBing Waffle is a savoury waffle inspired by Taiwanese scallion pancake or spring onion pancake.

ChongYouBing’ Waffle at MOD Cafe

The waffle of MOD Cafe was well made with texture that was soft on the inside but firm and crunchy on the outside. The taste of the oil-fried scallion was obvious but not very strong. Mayo and chilli sauce could be added to preference.

ChongYouBing Waffle is an interesting idea and tastewise it is not bad. It may not be our top choice for a savoury waffle but it is worth a try.

MOD Cafe's ChongYouBing’ Waffle
MOD Cafe's Breakfast Combo

Breakfast Combo comprised a slice of wafflle, eggs cooked in the style of choice, mushroom and potatoes. It was the expected cafe brunch fare.

The coffee at MOD cafe was good.

ChongYouBing’ Wafflefee at MOD Cafe

Charming Alternative

The hip and savvy crowd can head to Walking on Sunshine in Orchard to get their hair done and sip speciality coffee. Those in the East can head to Kuo Chuan Avenue for their own laid back version – get hair done in MOD Hair Salon and have coffee and light bites at the adjacent cafe.

MOD Cafe has quite a few competitors. The popular Neptune is just across the road. Creamier and Brawns & Brains are also in the vicinity. However, the cosy MOD Cafe has its unique charms and opens till late at night. It is also a great spot when you want to be charming by accompanying your partner to the hair salon.

Mod Cafe Coffee

Food: 3
Service: 4
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs     3 Tops

MOD Cafe
1A Kuo Chuan Avenue
Singapore 426888

Tel: +65 8138 7957

Opening Hours:
Sun – Thurs: 12 noon – 11 pm
Fri & Sat: 12 noon – 11.30 pm
Closed on Tuesday


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