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Beastly Girls Sandwich Bar in Katong

This new addition to the Katong neighborhood with a name that turns heads is easy to miss but worth discovering. Tucked away in Odeon Katong, Beastly Girls Sandwich Bar offers all day breakfast and freshly made artisanal sandwiches, and good coffee too.

Beastly Girls Sandwich Bar

Beastly Girls in Odeon Katong

The small eatery that opened in early 2023 certainly has a rather unusual name. According to Collins COBUILD Dictionary, “If you describe something as beastly, you mean that it is very unpleasant“, and “If you describe someone as beastly, you mean that they are behaving unkindly.”

Is this a case of words having a completely different meaning when used in a different community or sub-culture? Like in Michael Jackson’s song “Bad”, where bad means good? Or like in internet slang or netspeak where sick means awesome, and lit means exciting or fun?

Beastly Girls Sandwich Bar at Odeon Katong

We check The Urban Dictionary and it says “beastly” can mean “being good at something, or doing something incredible'”.

In an interview with the Straits Times, Beastly Girls Sandwich Bar co-owner Lynn Heng, a former architect, said the name was chosen because they wanted the cafe to be known for its “beastly-sized” food and also as a tribute to her two “beast” cats.

Beastly Girls Sandwich Bar in Katong

Located on the ground floor of Odeon Katong, Beastly Girls Sandwich Bar occupies a small space along a row of eateries which include Volare (formerly known as La Barca) and Wan Mei Dessert 碗美. It has only a few bar counter seats, plus a few small plastic tables put out in the walkway facing Ean Kiam Place.

Odeon Katong - Beastly Girls Sandwich Bar

Menu of Beastly Girls Sandwich Bar

The menu is simple and straightforward. There are eggs and toast and sandwiches. Below are pictures of Beastly Girls Sandwich Bar’s menu.

There are a few daily specials written on the glass panel behind the bar counter. A small selection of cakes and pastries are also available.

Brunchat Beastly Girls Sandwich Bar

We visited Beastly Girls Sandwich Bar for brunch recently. We ordered the Magic Mushroom ($14.80), the Breakfast Beast ($16) and Sourdough Toast & Eggs Your Way ($9), as well as a Black Coffee ($5) and White Coffee ($6).

The Magic Mushroom was a meat-free open-face sourdough sandwich with grilled mushrooms and truffle cashew cream. A small serving of potato crisps came with the sandwich. The mushrooms had an earthly smoky taste and a meaty texture. The sandwich as a whole had layers of rich flavours and was satisfying.

The Breakfast Beast was like a more upscale version of McDonald’s Big Breakfast. Sumptuous scrambled eggs, sausages and cheese served with a toasted bun and crispy golden hash browns. There was nothing complicated but it was a very enjoyable dish – a happy meal.


The Sourdough Toast & Eggs Your Way (one of the daily specials) was a piece of toast with a small slab of butter and some jam – something we could have at home. The bright yellow scrambled eggs looked great and they were moist and custardy – something we would have difficulty matching in our own kitchen.

The coffee was well brewed using beans from local roaster Dutch Colony Coffee Co. It was aromatic and had bold flavours with low acidity – just the way we liked it.

Cool Spot for hearty sandwich & good coffee

The people at Beastly Girls Sandwich Bar were very nice and pleasant – warm and hospitable, engaging without being intrusive. The food we tried was rather good and the coffee was excellent. Beastly Girls Sandwich Bar may not be beastly in the sense that it is awesome but it is certainly quite a cool spot with laid back charm. When you are in Katong and feel like having a hearty sandwich and good coffee, a trip to Beastly Girls Sandwich Bar in Odeon Katong should not disappoint.

Food: 3
Service: 4
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs 3 Tops

Beastly Girls Sandwich Bar
11 East Coast Road
#01-18, The Odeon Katong
Singapore 428722

Opening Hours:
Wed-Fri: 8 am to 3 pm
Sat & Sun: 8 am to 4 pm
Closed on Mon & Tue

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