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Fuel Plus+ – a cafe at the foot of Mt Faber

Nestled at the foot of Mt Faber, Fuel Plus+ is for those looking for a cafe off the beaten track. With a diverse menu featuring classic brunch fare and unique Asian-Western fusion items, the cosy cafe is a great brunch spot with tranquil surroundings away from the crowds.

Fuel Plus+ Cafe at Morse Road

Fuel Plus+ Cafe at Wishart

Fuel Plus+ is hidden away in one of the side lanes of Telok Blangah. You may go along Telok Blang Road countless times and not realise that there are small roads along the foothill of Mt Faber with shops and eateries. Fuel Plus+ is located along Wishart Road (although its address is 16 Morse Road), next to Lakshmi Vilas Restaurant.

Fuel Plus+ Cafe at Wishart

As you step into Fuel Plus+, you’ll be greeted by a simple interior design with a white and light wood theme. The space is bright and airy and has a Scandinavian chic atmosphere.

Fuel Plus+ at Wishart

What may set Fuel Plus+ apart is its serene environment close to nature. As you savour your delectable chicken dish at Fuel Plus+, you may find yourself sharing the outdoor dining space with unexpected guests – kampong chickens. A new take on the concept of farm-to-table dining?

Menu of Fuel Plus+

Fuel Plus+ has a rather extensive and diverse menu. There is the classic brunch fare – from eggs cooked to perfection to traditional Italian pasta dishes as well as burgers, waffles and mac & cheese.

There is also a tempting array of fusion dishes and innovative creations, such as crispy crab salad, soft shell crab curry and tom yum seafood pasta.

Below are pictures of pages of the Fuel Plus+ Menu.

Fuel Plus+ Cafe Menu
Fuel Plus+ Menu
Menu of Fuel Plus+
Beverage menu of Fuel Plus+

Brunch at Fuel Plus+

We ordered the Sausage Pancakes ($16) and Chicken Overload+ ($17) as well as black coffee ($4.50) and white coffee ($5).

Diners order and pay at the counter, while the food is served directly to the table. The staff at the cafe are friendly and welcoming, ensuring a pleasant dining experience from start to finish.

The wait for our food was not long – less than 15 minutes. Water was served while we waited.

The Chicken Overload+ looked very interesting. A big piece of fried chicken breast set on top of mashed potatoes and fried slices of lotus root. It was topped by a perfectly poached egg. A mushroom sauce with truffle oil completed the dish.

The chicken with a golden exterior had juicy tender meat. It paired well with the velvety mashed potatoes. The silky yolk from the poached egg added a luscious creaminess to the dish. The mushroom sauce with truffle oil gave the dish a pleasant earthy aroma. The combination of flavours, textures and aromas made the dish interesting and was a sensorial treat.

The Sausage Pancakes was a straightforward dish. The only small surprise was that it came with a good portion of healthy salad. The pancakes were light and airy and the eggs were fluffy and creamy. The long chicken sausage was enjoyable eaten on its own or with the pancakes. In fact the pancakes could be a two-in-one dish – a savoury dish with sausage and eggs; and a dessert dish by dousing the pancakes with the maple syrup provided.

The coffee of the charming cafe was good – rich and smooth.

Off the beaten path

In bustling Singapore, Fuel Plus+ cafe on Morse Road is a great option for those seeking a cosy cafe off the beaten path. Its interesting and diverse menu and its tranquil location at the foot of Mt Faber sets it apart from the many other good cafes in Singapore. After all, where else in Singapore can you find chickens and humans dining together in the same space?

Food: 4
Service: 4
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 4
Overall Rating: 4 TOPs  4 tops

Fuel Plus+
16 Morse Road, #01-207, Singapore 099228

Tel: +65 6352 0768

Opening Hours:
Mon, Wed & Thu: 10 am – 5 pm
Fri: 10 am – 8.30 pm
Sat & Sun: 9 am – 8.30 pm
Closed on Tuesday

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