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Lad & Co : Fish & Chips Joint at Tanglin Post Office

Lad & Co fish and chips restaurant is on the ground floor of the Tanglin Post Office building. It is in an outdoor patio space. Sheltered but no aircon. Yet business was bustling on a weekday lunch. Before eating a single chip, we were impressed that they could attract a small crowd to a rather secluded building to have lunch on a sunny day.

Lad & Co Tanglin Post Office review

Tanglin Post Office Building

Tanglin Post Office is a small building at the junction of Napier Road and Tanglin Road. It is across the road from the more prominent Tanglin Mall, which is a convenient location to park if you are driving to Lad & Co. The restaurant is on the street level, behind the clump of plants at the left end of the building in the picture above.

Lad & Co Tanglin Post Office review

Lad & Co Fish & Chips Restaurant

The restaurant has a campsite feel. Simple ‘GS’ tables and benches provide the seats available. This is not a place to sit and linger. Order, eat and be on your way. Probably to a cooler place at Tanglin Mall for coffee after your fish and chips meal.

Lad & Co Tanglin Post Office review

It was quite empty when we arrived. By around 12.30pm, there was a small crowd feasting on fish and chips at Lad & Co Tanglin Post Office. All of us avoided the front part that has a sunroof. The inner section provided more shelter from the sun.

Lad & Co Tanglin Post Office review

Lad & Co Restaurant Menu

The menu at Lad & Co is a simple one. The mains are either Fish & Chips or Bangers & Mash. A few types of sides such as “pigs in blankets” and chicken nuggets are available.

Lad & Co menu

Drinks Menu and Happy Hour

Here is a picture of the drinks menu. Happy Hour is from 12pm to 9pm, which sounds like a whole Happy Day. The HH price of $9.90 for a pint of Peroni beer seemed inevitable.

Lad & Co menu

Condiments to the Chef

This bunch of sauces is all you need to spice up the fried fish and potato chips. Tomato ketchup, chilli sauce, HP sauce, Heinz malt vinegar can be added. For each order of fish & chips, another two types of condiments are available from a range of four. We picked mushy peas and curry sauce.

A pint of cold beer and fish and chips is the best combination for a hot sunny day in Singapore.

Lad & Co Fish and Chips Tanglin Post Office

The fish and chips comes in two sizes – $19.90 (for 150g) and $29.90 (for 300g). According to our mental sums, the large order makes more economical sense. Two pieces of fried haddock was served for our dish. The small portion with only one piece of fish will probably be too small for a meal but good as a snack as they both come with the fries.

Lad & Co Tanglin Post Office review

The fish itself was nice and flaky, but slightly dry. We believe the secret ingredient for the popularity of the Lad & Co fish and chips is the batter. It is quite unusual – super crisp and thin, somewhat like the texture of Ritz crackers. Which made the whole fried fish more delicious than the run of the mill fish and chips with thick skin of batter. The curry provided was mild – very much like the curry in curry rice served in Japanese restaurants.

We had a salad of Posh Slaw ($5.90), a small bowl of purple cabbage, sultanas and salad dressing. A nice dish to break the heaviness of the deep-fried food on the table.

Food: 4
Service: 4
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 2
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs 3 Tops

Lad & Co @ Tanglin Post Office
56 Tanglin Rd, B1-02
Singapore 247964


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