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Tangs Food Court – Cosy and Nice Place for Hawker Food in Orchard Road,Singapore

Tangs Food Court (a.k.a. Tangs Market) is the small food court in the basement of Tangs department store at Orchard Road. It may not have widest selection of hawker food, but to us, it is possibly the nicest food court in Orchard, Singapore. Here is a quick look at the stalls available there.

Tangs Food Court

Tangs Food Court Access

Located in level B1, the Tangs Food Court is next to the Tangs household goods and appliances department. Being in the basement also provides an easy link to the Orchard Road MRT exits and the underpasses linking Tangs Plaza to Ion Orchard and Shaw Centre. According to the sign at the entrance, Tangs Market is managed by Fei Siong Group and offers authentic Singapore and Malaysian delights.

Tangs Market Food Court

Because it is located in a department store rather than a shopping mall, we find that the pedestrian traffic is usually not very heavy. Lunch time is the probably the busiest time. Other than that, the atmosphere is mostly calm and it is easy to find a seat and the queues (if any) are short. The dining area, the tables and tray return areas also seem cleaner and neater than the typical food court.

What to Eat at Tangs Food Court

Here are pictures of the stalls at the Tangs Market when we were there recently.

85 Redhill Teochew Fishball Noodle

Fishballs noodles are often popular stalls at many food courts and this one is no exception. 85 Redhill Teochew Fishball Noodle is one of the more popular stalls at Tangs Food Court.

In addition to the usual fishball noodle items, otah is also available to supplement the meal.

Hokkien Mee, Satay and Curry Rice

As the number of stalls is quite limited because of the size of space, we find that quite a few of the stalls offer more than a single type of food. The Curry Rice stall also serves satay and Hokkien mee.

Tangs Basement Food Court
Tangs Food Court

Fried Kway Teow, Ban Mian, Carrot Cake and Fried Oyster

Some of our favourite hawker foods are served out of this stall – Fried Kway Teow, Ban Mian, Carrot Cake and Fried Oyster.

Tangs Food Court

Tangs Food Court – Satay Bee Hoon

The satay bee hoon stall offers “loh bak” on the menu. The latter looks like ngoh hiang items to us.

Tangs Food Court

Tiong Bahru Chwee Kueh and Pau

Famous chwee kueh stall – Tiong Bahru Chwee Kueh also has a stall at Tangs Market. They also offer steamed baos at this stall.

Tangs Food Court

Korean Food At Tangs Food Court

This stall serves a variety of Korean food such as bibimbap chicken, kimchi ramen and tteok-bokki. This stall made me think of Jinny’s Kitchen.


Penang Ban Chang Kueh and Chendol

Famous Penang Ban Chang Kueh and Penang Road chendol are sold here.

Klang Bak Kut Teh and KL Claypot Rice

Klang style bak kut teh has its pork ribs served in a dark herbal soup. This type of BKT is served at this stall together with claypot rice.

Popiah, Kueh Pie Tee and Mee Siam

For those not so hungry, popiah and kueh pie tee are available at this stall, together with mee siam and mee rebus.

Fruits and Juices at Tangs Food Court

At the fruit stall, there is a wide range of healthy snacks and juicy drinks.


Coffee and Drinks

No food court is complete without a drinks stall. This stall offers Singapore Hainan kopi. Sugar cane juice is available as well.

Koo Kee Yong Tow Foo

This is what we ate on this visit to Tangs Market – Koo Kee yong tau foo. The laksa YTF was the best. You can see more pictures as well as see the menu of Koo Kee on our Tangs Koo Kee post.

Happy Eating at Tangs Food Court!

Tangs Food Court


Tangs Food Court is at

TANGS at Tang Plaza, Basement
310 Orchard Road
Singapore 238864

Tel: +65 6370 1155

Open: 11.00am to 9.00pm

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