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Entrepôt Restaurant at The Robertson House

Entrepôt at The Robertson House by The Crest Collection is the hotel’s all-day dining restaurant and bar. The restaurant offers Anglo-Asian cuisine, with an array of spice-infused dishes which pay homage to the historical era when warehouses were built in Robertson Quay to support Singapore’s thriving entrepôt trade.

Entrepôt Restaurant at The Robertson House

Entrepôt @ Robertson Quay

The hotel at Unity Street in Robertson Quay that used to be known as Park Hotel Clarke Quay is now managed by The Ascott Group (a member of CapitaLand). The newly refurbished property has a swanky name – The Robertson House by The Crest Collection.

Entrepôt at The Robertson House

The Robertson House is designed to be a luxury hotel with colonial charm. Its marketing collateral says “At The Robertson House by The Crest Collection, we take pride in honouring Dr J. Murray Robertson and Singapore’s quayside heritage with narratives weaved into every nook and corner of our architecture“.

Entrepôt is the all-day dining restaurant and bar located on the ground level of The Robertson House. It has a black and white theme with rattan and dark wood elements. The look and feel could be said to be similar to that of the Long Bar at the grand old dame of Singapore – The Raffles Hotel.

The main dining hall has high bar tables and regular dining tables. There are charming alcove seats towards the rear for those who want a bit of privacy. The new restaurant and bar at Robertson Quay also has an al fresco dining section.

Menu of Entrepôt Restaurant

Chef Nixon Low describes the food at Entrepôt Restaurant as “a celebration of the bold and vibrant flavours of Asian cuisine combined with the sophisticated techniques of European cooking, all served in a communal and modern way“. The a la carte menu essentially offers fusion sharing plates. Signature dishes include the Chinese Terracotta Tea, a Chinese dried mushroom consommé served with crustacean tortellini in clay pots: Angelica Root French Corn-fed Chicken Roast; and Dr Robertson’s Chai Cake. Below are pictures of pages from the a la carte menu.

On weekdays, there is a lunch menu offering items such as Roti John and Pastas as well as salads and snacks.

Angelica Root Chicken Roast

We ordered the Angelica Root French Corn-fed Chicken Roast ($45) expecting a few pieces of roasted chicken plated French fine dining style.

When a wooden box was brought to our table we did not think that our main dish was been served. We were surprised by the dramatic presentation of a whole chicken in the wooden box that was filled with smoke.

After the server had explained that the French corn-fed chicken was smoked with dried Angelica Root or Dong Quai 当归, and prepared with sautéed cordycep mushrooms and Asian napa cabbage and drizzled with herbal honey, the chicken in the box was brought back to the kitchen to be into pieces and deboned. The chicken was then served together with a plate of cooked vegetables.


We thought we would be getting a few small pieces of chicken in a large plate with some fancy garnishing and lots of white space. Instead we got a whole chicken that could be easily shared by four persons. Add a bit of carbohydrates and all four would have a good complete meal.

The chicken dish was well crafted and expertly balanced. There was a tantalising aroma. The roasted chicken had a thin crispy skin with the subtle sweetness of herbal honey, and the tender meat was flavourful. The sautéed cordycep mushrooms added a contrast of textures and earthy notes. This dish was a meal, and also a delightful culinary experience.

Entrepôt Claypot Rice

We also had the Entrepôt Claypot Rice ($28).

A claypot with the sizzle, smoke and scent was brought to the table on a tray. The server would drizzle sauce over the rice and mix up the rice and various ingredients in the claypot. She would then scoop the rice into two small bowls and serve them to us.

The claypot rice might look like the typical Chinese claypot rice but the ingredients of Entrepôt Claypot Rice were hardly typical. Chorizo sausage, smoked pancetta, mushrooms and garlic chips combined to give a medley of textures and flavours. Entrepôt’s version of claypot rice was tasty and satisfying.

Dried Longan Pecan Tart

We had Dried Longan Pecan Tart ($16) to end our lunch on a sweet note.

The dessert dish looked pretty. The pecan tart was topped with longan and candied pecan and accompanied by white fungus and vanilla ice cream. Apparently the ingredients were a nod to the local cheng tng. We did not realise that until we were told later but we enjoyed the rich and delicious tart.

Communal dining in inviting atmosphere

Entrepôt Restaurant at The Robertson House by The Crest Collection blends elegance with a relaxed vibe. The menu offers an array of interesting dishes and the food we had tried were all well presented and delicious. The new restaurant at Robertson Quay is a great destination for those seeking to enjoy communal dining in an inviting atmosphere.

Food: 4
Service: 3
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 4
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs 3 Tops



The Robertson House by The Crest Collection
1 Unity Street
Singapore 237983

Opening Hours: 6.30 am – 10 pm

Nearby MRT Station: Fort Canning (DT20)


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