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News: Chefs Uncut – Asia’s Chef’s Story Series Premiers on Netflix

Chefs Uncut

Asia’s Inaugural Chef’s Story Series “Chefs Uncut” has secured distribution deals with major platforms, including Netflix Southeast Asia and SBS Australia. The series premieres on 1 March 2024 on Netflix Southeast Asia.

Chefs Uncut dives deep into the lives and careers of six well known chefs from across Southeast Asia, including Singapore’s LG Han (Labyrinth) and Janice Wong (2AM Dessert Bar). Other chefs featured in the series are one-Michelin starred Asia’s 50 Best top chef, Chef Ton (Le Du, Nusara, Bangkok), Asia’s Best Female Chef 2024, Chef Pam (POTONG, Bangkok), Asia 50 Best chef Jordy Navarra (Toyo Eatery, Manila) and Bjorn Shen (Artichoke).

The documentary series produced by CreatorsLab takes viewers on a visual journey, highlighting the diverse culinary landscapes of the region, from bustling city centers to rural villages. Each episode focuses on a single chef, exploring each of their unique culinary approach, inspirations and personal stories.

Each Chefs Uncut episode runs for just under 30 minutes. Episode 1 features Chef Thitid ‘Ton’ Tassanakajohn of Le Du, the one-Michelin starred modern Thai-inspired eatery in Bangkok.

Watch on Netflix.


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