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Olsen Bakehouse – cake siu dai

Olsen Bakehouse is known for their whole cakes that are suitable for celebrating all sorts of occasions. On their website, Darren & Jia Min of Olsen Bakehouse say they believe in baking goodness into celebrations which means “Ensuring quality and care go into each all-natural, less sugar bakes that we have. We bake them like how we would for our loved ones”.

Olsen Bakehouse

Olsen Bakehouse in Joo Chiat

Nestled in a conservation Joo Chiat Road shophouse, Olsen Bakehouse offers whole cakes, everyday bakes and cookies. In an area with no lack of good bakeries, the small bakery stands out for its commitment to wholesome indulgence and its “natural ingredients and less sugar” philosophy. It caters to people who love baked goods but may have dietary restrictions due to heath reasons or lifestyle choices. The cakes are siu dai (less sweet). There are also sugar free cakes. Salt free bakes, products made with whole food ingredients, vegan-friendly and even baby-friendly items are available.

Olsen Bakehouse in Joo Chiat Road

Olsen Bakehouse moved from Crawford Lane to Joo Chiat Road some years ago. The bakery is located near the Koon Seng Road – Joo Chiat Road junction. Entering Olsen Bakehouse minimalist shop, characterised by its soothing earthy hues, evokes a sense of comfort and serenity. It feels like stepping into a welcoming kitchen of a friend who loves baking.

Olsen Bakehouse in Joo Chiat
Olsen Bakehouse

While primarily focused on pre-order cakes and takeaways, Olsen Bakehouse in Joo Chiat offers a handful of seats for those seeking a quick bite or who want to linger to soak it the calming atmosphere.

Olsen Bakehouse in Joo Chiat

Cakes & Bakes

Olsen Cakes & Bakes

The most popular cakes are those that showcase local flavours – such as the Orh Nee Cake, the Ondeh Ondeh Cake and Kopi Kaya & Peanut Butter Cake. They are tributes to Singapore’s rich culinary heritage.

Vegan options like the Chocolate Fudge Cake and the Banana Cake with Homemade Hazelnut Spread cater to a wider customers base. Most cakes are also available in individual slices, making them perfect for a treat when you don’t need to buy a whole cake.

Olsen Bakehouse Cakes & Bakes

Besides whole cakes, Olsen Bakehouse also offers a selection of “everyday bakes” good for snacking. The Almond Sugee Cake is a crowd-pleaser. Scones, available in various flavours, Sweet Potato Fudge Brownie and Chocolate Chip Cookies are among the indulgent treats available.

Olsen Bakehouse Cookies
Everyday Bakes of Olsen Bakehouse

The drinks menu includes hot and cold coffee, tea, chocolate, and even kombucha.

Olsen Bakehouse - Drinks Menu

They also sell cookies in packets and jars of spread such Pure Gula Melaka Kaya, Strawberry Jam, Black Sesame Spread. Some items are limited editions and made in small batches. Check their website or walk in to the bakery to find out what surprises they may have for you.

Coffee & Snacks at Olsen Bakehouse

We had the pleasure of trying Olsen Bakehouse’s cake, baked snacks and coffee recently.

The Kopi Kaya & Peanut Butter Cake was less sweet than we expected – certainly cake siu dai. The coffee flavoured sponge cake was not as moist as we would like. On the whole, the combination of flavours of kopi, kaya and peanut butter worked quite well. The cake may evoke memories of traditional kopitiam breakfast.

Cheese & Onion Scone and Coffee at Olsen Bakehouse

The Cheese & Onion Scone was something rather unusual – not your everyday cafe find in Singapore. The scone with its crumbly texture and savoury notes turned out to be very palatable. Great comfort food – satisfying and delicious without leaving you feeling weighed down or guilty.

Olsen Bakehouse  Cheese & Onion Scone
Olsen Bakehouse in Joo Chiat

The small strawberry jam filled mochi bun was also delightful. The bun had a nice soft and slightly chewy texture. The filling was a burst of natural sweetness. It offered a taste of the real fruit without being overly sugary.

Olsen Bakehouse

We had hot coffee, both black and white, at Olsen Bakehouse. The coffee was well-brewed and as good as any you would find in a decent specialty coffee shop in Singapore.

Olsen Bakehouse Coffee and Cakes

We purchased a packet of Kopi C Cookies to try at home, and had no regrets. Those little cookies delivered a satisfying crunch with a rich coffee flavour.

Bakery for Wholesome Indulgence

Cookies of Olsen Bakehouse

Olsen Bakehouse is a bakery for those seeking cakes that are siu dai, vegan-friendly or made with whole food ingredients. It caters to a wide range of customers and dietary preferences. This is a place where anyone can indulge in delicious creatively flavoured bakes, delectable snacks and cookies, all crafted with natural ingredients and the same care and attention you would use when baking for your own family.

Olsen Bakehouse
301 Joo Chiat Road, Singapore 427552

Tel/ Whatsapp: +65 8891 5819

Opening Hours:
Wed – Sun: 9 am – 4 pm
Closed on Mon & Tue


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