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L’Envol Hong Kong – 2 Michelin Stars, HK$788 Lunch at St Regis Hotel

L’Envol Hong Kong restaurant’s lunch menu starts from HK$788. A two Michelin Star fine dining French restaurant in the posh St Regis Hotel at this price (around S$135 at today’s rate) was something we could not resist checking out during a recent trip to the Fragrant Harbour.

Elegant French Restaurant at St Regis Hotel Hong Kong

According to an internet search, the French word “Envol” means to takeoff off or to soar. This restaurant is on level 3 of the St Regis hotel which is located in Wan Chai. Slightly off the beaten track, but convenient for those who have business at The Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (“HKCEC”). It is a lovely restaurant with a calm atmosphere. Comfortable furniture in a luxurious space meant that this is the kind of place suitable for slow eating and long conversation. Especially for couples, who will like these small enclaves with tables for two.

L’Envol Hong Kong Restaurant Menu

There are a few menus available for lunch at L’Envol Hong Kong, including the HK$2588 Signature menu and the a la carte menu. For ordinary patrons without corporate expense accounts, the affordable Élégance Lunch Menu is a sound choice. The 3 course lunch costs S$788 and diners get to choose which starters and/or desserts they prefer. In our case, one of us chose to have 2 starters and no dessert and the other opted for a starter and a dessert. Here is a picture of the Élégance Lunch Menu (March 2024).

L’Envol Hong Kong Wine List

There are more than adequate wines to choose from apart from the wine pairing options. Here is a picture of a page from the wine from where we picked our wine for lunch. A Loire Valley white wine : Vincent Pinard Florès 2017. A fresh and light Sancerre wine which we figured will be suitable for our predominantly seafood lunch.

Bread and Starters

Lunch kicked off with some bread choices, presented on a trolley. Our pro-active server proposed a compilation basket for each of us. It was an excellent idea. Every type of bread was good with the two types of butter provided.

Our choices for starters were Bottarga with Gamberoni prawn, crunchy baby artichoke & pistachio and Pan-seared Normandy scallop, confit scallop roe with roasted scallion velouté.

Both were delicious and beautifully presented. The main different is the serving size. The prawns were sweet and delicate but tiny. Three bites and they were gone.


The Normandy scallops were surprising large. Cooked perfectly and swimming in a complex sauce, this was a great starter.

Main Courses

Both of the main courses of lunch at L’Envol Hong Kong were served elegantly with the sauces gently poured over at the table.

The octopus tentacles were tender and flavourful. For a main course it was quite small, but no complaints about this. Better quality than quantity.

Our other main dish was Bigorre black pork. Until this lunch I have not heard of this type of pig. A quick internet search revealed that these black pigs are said to be the best in France. We can see why. The pork was tender without any porky flavour. In a blind taste, we would have thought it was a good cut of beef.

Dessert and Sweets

Our only dessert was a soufflé – our favourite French dessert. It was not Grand Marnier flavoured as indicated on the menu. Instead they used pistachio as they were in season. Very good.

Petite Fours concluded our enjoyable 2 Star Michelin French restaurant lunch in Hong Kong.


Food: 5
Service: 4
Value: 4
Atmosphere: 5
Overall Rating: 5 TOPs

The St. Regis Hotel, 1 Harbour Drive, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Tel: +852 2138 6818

Opening Hours: 12 noon – 2.30 pm; 6.30 pm to 12 midnight


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