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Coastal PlayGrove Food Splash & Restaurants

Coastal PlayGrove is a family friendly space in East Coast Park (Area B). The former Big Splash site is now a vibrant recreation hub offering a trove of activities for kids of all ages, from the exciting Play Tower and refreshing Water Play Area to the immersive Nature Play Garden and Outdoor Classroom by the Sea. After all the excitement, Coastal PlayGrove Food Splash, a cozy multi-concept food court, provides a variety of delicious options to refuel. Coastal PlayGrove also has restaurants like Old Town White Coffee and Burger King for those who prefer a sense of comfort from knowing what to expect.

Coastal PlayGrove - recreation space in East Coast Park

Big Splash to Coastal PlayGrove

Eat at East Coast Park Big Splash
Big Splash

Big Splash was built in 1977 on reclaimed land in East Coast Park. The waterpark featured an 85-metre long water slide and had a wave-pool and a 200 m long flow-pool. Big Splash went through various renovations and changes over the years and was later redeveloped into a dining and lifestyle destination. It closed in 2016. The site was redeveloped by The National Parks Board (NParks) as part of the rejuvenation of East Coast Park. The new Coastal PlayGrove retains the waterpark theme and its main play structure is the 16 metre high Play Tower nestled within a reconstruct of the former iconic Big Splash tower.

Coastal PlayGrove Play Tower
Coastal PlayGrove Play Tower

Coastal PlayGrove Food

Coastal PlayGrove Food Options

A truly great playground in Singapore must have food and beverage options and so Coastal PlayGrove has a food court, a fast food restaurant and a casual diner for local food and kopi.

Coastal PlayGrove Restaurants - Old Town White Coffee

Coastal PlayGrove Food Splash

Coastal PlayGrove Food Splash

The food court is located in the main building and, in a nod to the history of the site, is called Food Splash. The food stalls offer Thai, Local Tze Char as well as Snacks & Beverages and stay open late into the night.

Coastal PlayGrove Food Splash food court
Coastal PlayGrove Food Splash

Tha Siam Thai Kitchen Mookata

Tha Siam Authentic Thai Kitchen Mookata offers an affordable Thai dining experience. The charcoal mookata features a wide range of fresh ingredients, great sauces and delightful soup.

Tha Siam Thai Kitchen Charcoal Mookata
Tha Siam Thai Kitchen Charcoal Mookata

Tel: +65 8806 6399

3 pm to 12 midnight

Facebook Page

Prince of Hokkien Mee

Prince of Hokkien Mee serves the Signature Fried Prawn Noodles or Hokkien Mee (starts from $6) of the famous Kim’s Place Seafood.

It also serves a range of affordable one dish meals like mee goreng, fried rice, braised bee hoon and ginger pork rice.

Prince of Hokkien Mee also has a comprehensive menu of seafood and zhi char dishes. From lobster and abaolne to Shrimp Paste Chicken Wings and Crispy Kai Lan Leaves.

Below are a few screenshots of the digital menu.

Tel: +65 6742 1119

11 am to 12 midnight

Facebook Page

Luv Coffee

Luv Coffee is where you get a range of beverages as well as grab and go items like pastries, sandwiches and pies.

Coastal PlayGrove Food Splash - Luv Coffee
Grab & Go Coastal PlayGrove

You can have kaya taost with kopi C or vanilla latte with cranberry scone as well as fresh fruit juices or beer at Luv Coffee.

Coastal PlayGrove Food Splash - Luv Coffee

It is a great place for a drink and light snacks. However, if you want something more substantial, there are gourmet sandwiches and wraps such as Smoked Salmon Sandwich and Beef Bulgogi Wrap.

Coastal PlayGrove - ParTea

There are also coconut shakes and acai bowls.

Old Town White Coffee

Old Town White Coffee was one of the most popular eateries in Big Splash. It now has a new concept store in Coastal PlayGrove.

Old Town White Coffee

Old Town White Coffee at Coastal PlayGrove has a indoor dining area and an al fresco dining space.

Old Town White Coffee at Coastal PlayGrove

It offers local a good range of affordable local dishes including old favourites like Ipoh Chicken Hor Fun & Nasi Lemak with Chicken Rendang. Traditional breakfast items of half-boiled eggs and kaya toasts are popular. There are also specialty and novelty beverages.

Old Town Express is a counter for takeaway.

Below are a few screenshots of the digital menu of Old Town White Coffee at Coastal PlayGrove.

Coastal PlayGrove

Facebook Page

Burger King

Burger King @ Coastal PlayGrove - fast food restaurant

Burger King @ Coastal PlayGrove occupies a large space. It has sofa seats as well as a long counter table against the curved glass panels.

The fast food restaurant at Coastal PlayGrove also features a large naturally ventilated area, perfect for sweaty athletes or those in swimwear.

Coastal PlayGrove


Once Upon a Time

The only non food tenant we saw at Coastal PlayGrove was Once Upon A Time by The Tiara Society, an indoor playground and party space.

902 East Coast Parkway
Coastal Play Grove
Level #02 – 02
Singapore 449874

Tel: +65 8462 7763


What’s at Coastal PlayGrove

The Coastal PlayGrove food options is really a secondary reason to visit the new playground in East Coast Park. It has so many interesting features to keep the children and adults occupied.

nature playgarden at Coastal PlayGrove
nature playgarden at Coastal PlayGrove

There is a nature playgarden with themed sections that encourage children to interact and play in nature. There is also NParks’ first outdoor classroom by the sea, equipped with a chalkboard and surrounded by edible plant species.

classroom by the sea - Coastal Playgrove

Coastal PlayGrove has large open green spaces and play areas, with views of the coast.

Playground at Coastal PlayGrove
Playground at Coastal PlayGrove
Play Tower at Coastal PlayGrove

The main attraction is the 16 metre high Play Tower. It features a vertical net play, the Vertical Challenge, and slides.

Vertical Challenge at Coastal PlayGrove
 Coastal PlayGrove Playtower

A short walk up the tower will give you a great view of the coastal park.

 Coastal PlayGrove Playtower Slides

Children are most excited about the two metal tube slides accessible from the third and fourth floor of the Play Tower. Equally excited parents and grandparents can be seen waiting with hand phone cameras ready at the bottom of the slides.

 Coastal PlayGrove Playtower Slides
 Coastal PlayGrove Playtower - East Coast Park
 Coastal PlayGrove Playtower at East Coast Park

Most of the amenities at Coastal PlayGrove, like the Vertical Challenge and Slides, are open 8 am to 10 pm, Tuesdays to Sundays; but closed on Mondays for maintenance.

Getting There & Car Park

Coastal PlayGrove is located at Area B of East Coast Park, near the Road Safety Community Park. On weekends and public holidays, there is a bus service that will take you to the service road right outside Coastal PlayGrove. The nearest bustop for regular bus services is at Amber Road. From there it is not too long a walk to Coastal PlayGrove via the Amber Gardens Underpass, next to the Chinese Swimming Club,

By Bus
Nearest Bus Stop: 92261
Bus Service: 401 (only operates on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays)

Alternative Bus Stop: 92241 (Amber Gdns), 92249 (Opp Amber Gdns)
Bus Service: 31, 36, 43, 47, 48, 134, 135, 196, 197, 401, 853M
12 min walk to Coastal PlayGrove via Amber Gardens Underpass

 Coastal PlayGrove Location Map
Coastal PlayGrove Location Map
 Coastal PlayGrove Car Park

There is a big open car park at Coastal PlayGrove. Current Parking Charges are $0.60 per half hour.

Bicycle bays are also available.

Coastal Playgrove Car Park Charges
Coastal Playgrove Car Park Charges (as at March 2024)
Coastal PlayGrove Directory
Coastal PlayGrove Directory
Coastal PlayGrove Directory

Coastal PlayGrove
902 East Coast Park Service Road, Singapore 449874

NParks’ Webpage

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