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Ne Ne Neko – New Japanese Restaurant in PLQ

Ne Ne Neko is a new eatery in Paya Lebar Quarter (PLQ). The new Japanese restaurant in Paya Lebar describes itself as a “Cafe by day, izakaya bar by night,” offering versatile dining options throughout the day and till late in the evening.

Ne Ne Neko - New Japanese Restaurant in PLQ

Ne Ne Neko Japanese Restaurant in Paya Lebar

Ne Ne Neko Izakaya
Ne Ne Neko Japanese Izakaya & Cafe - New Japanese Restaurant in Paya Lebar Quarter

We do not know the exact meaning and origin of the name “Ne Ne Neko.” “Neko” translates to “cat” in Japanese, and Singaporeans are perhaps most familiar with “maneki-neko” (or beckoning cat), the one that is found waving at you at the cash registers. “Ne Ne Neko” is also a popular character of Kanahei’s Small Animals (seen as popular digital stickers on messaging platforms). While the name may be intriguing, the décor of Ne Ne Neko is undeniably Japanese – simple, embracing classic Japanese elements like paper lanterns, traditional fabric dividers and white pebbles.

Ne Ne Neko Izakaya & Cafe in PLQ Plaza

Located in PLQ Plaza, a breezy and sheltered concourse, Ne Ne Neko occupies a newly erected box-like structure reminiscent of shipping containers. It is divided into two sections. Patrons can choose between air-conditioned comfort with bar counter seating and small tables, and the larger, naturally ventilated area with regular dining tables.

Ne Ne Neko at Paya Lebar Quarter
Ne Ne Neko - New Japanese Restaurant in Paya Lebar Quarter

Menu of Ne Ne Neko

Ne Ne Neko Cafe & Izakaya

The menu of Ne Ne Neko caters to the morning larks as well as the night owls. During the day, diners can choose from an array of dons (rice bowls), tempura, shokupan (Japanese milk bread), sandos (sandwiches), desserts and specialty beverages. In the evening, patrons can choose from a selection of smoky Robatayaki (grilled meat and vegetables), Otsumami (sharing plates) and quality sakes. Beverage options range from specialty concoctions to familiar classic like Americano.

Below are a few screenshots of the digital menu of Ne Ne Neko.

  • Ne Ne Neko menu
  • Ne Ne Neko menu
  • Ne Ne Neko Cafe Desserts
  • Ne Ne Neko Lunch Sets
  • Ne Ne Neko Beverages
  • Ne Ne Neko Drinks List
  • Ne Ne Neko Drinks Menu
  • Ne Ne Neko Drinks Menu

For the value-conscious diner, Ne Ne Neko offers competitively priced lunch sets. Each set features a main dish paired with a refreshing salad, flavourful miso soup, tea and a light fruit ending.

Ne Ne Neko Lunch Set
Ne Ne Neko Lunch Set - cold sencha

Lunch at Ne Ne Neko

We opted for the Okinawa Kakuni Don Set ($18.90) and Ajitamago Sando ($15) when we had lunch at Ne Ne Neko recently.

The Okinawa Kakuni Don was a hearty rice bowl with simmered pork belly topped with Ajitamago (Japanese seasoned egg). The meat was tender and the portion was quite generous. It seemed that the bowl was filled more with the meat than the rice. There was a balance of sweet and savoury flavours. It was a delightful and satisfying dish.

Okinawa Kakuni Don

Ne Ne Neko’s Ajitamago Sando was a sandwich featuring egg mayo filling in between soft shokupan slices, and topped with a seasoned Japanese boiled egg. It was served with fries. The sandwich was nothing exceptional but nice enough and satisfying.

Ne Ne Neko's Ajitamago Sando
Ne Ne Neko's Ajitamago Sando

We tried the specialty hot coconut latte ($8) and found it to be a touch underwhelming. It lacked any distinct coconut flavour. A subtle hint of fruitiness was present, but for those without lactose intolerance, regular latte with dairy milk should bring the same satisfaction, at a much lower price.

Ne Ne Neko's Coconut Latte

Versatile Casual Dining

Ne Ne Neko - New Japanese Restaurant in PLQ

Overall, Ne Ne Neko offers a welcoming and casual ambience with good food. It is suitable for brunches, lunches, dinners, or simply enjoying a light bite with coffee during the day or sake in the evening. The new Japanese restaurant in Paya Lebar Quarter is a versatile casual dining option.

Food: 3
Service: 3
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs 3 Tops


Ne Ne Neko Japanese Izakaya & Cafe
#01-K7 PLQ Plaza
10 Paya Lebar Road, Singapore 409057

Opening Hours:
Monday & Tuesday: 11 am to 11 pm
Wednesday to Friday: 11 am to 12 midnight
Saturday: 10 am to 12 midnight
Sunday: 10 am to 10 pm


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