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1-Flowerhill @ Sentosa – new floral landscaped multi-concept dining destination

Sentosa is about to get even more enchanting with the unveiling of 1-Flowerhill, a blooming multi-concept destination opening its doors on 2 May 2024. Inspired by Claude Monet’s Impressionist masterpiece Île aux Fleurs near Vétheuil, 1-Flowerhill promises a captivating experience that blends nature’s beauty with culinary excellence.


Dreamy Floral Romance

Perched on a gentle rise beside Sentosa’s Mount Imbiah, 1-Flowerhill is thoughtfully designed to evoke a sense of romance and harmony. Inspired by the banks of the Seine bursting with wildflowers depicted in Claude Monet’s Île aux Fleurs near Vétheuil, the venue boasts meticulously landscaped gardens with cascading greens, meandering garden paths and ornate water features. Over 50 plant species flourish there. The sprawling gardens also offer panoramic vistas of the newly opened Sentosa Sensoryscape and the heritage hotel belt of Sentosa.

A grand colonial bungalow, adorned with intricate architectural details, has been meticulously restored, offering a seamless blend of old-world charm and contemporary elegance. Its compounds showcase a blossoming collection of native and exotic plants that reflect the island’s botanical heritage.

A Feast for the Senses

1-Flowerhill - Wildseed Cafe
1-Flowerhill – Wildseed Cafe

1-Flowerhill is not just a feast for the eyes, it is a unique dining destination as well. Three distinct concepts housed within the charming restored bungalow cater to various palates and occasions.

Wildseed Café: A familiar favourite known for its charming floral setting and hearty international and Singaporean fare. At 1-Flowerhill, Wildseed Café offers a touch of elegance with an indoor section, a Grand Terrace for al fresco dining, and a courtyard, all surrounded by lush greenery.

Wildseed Bar & Grill: As the sun sets, Wildseed Café transforms into Wildseed Bar & Grill. It has an inviting atmosphere for unwinding over delectable bar bites, grilled meats and seafood, and an extensive beverage selection.

1-Flowerhill Camille
1-Flowerhill – Camille

Camille: The crown jewel of 1-Flowerhill, Camille is a French-Japanese restaurant named after Monet’s greatest muse. This premium concept offers a celebration of romance on the second floor of the bungalow. The elegant space features panoramic views, a captivating kinetic floral light installation, and a menu that showcases the fusion of French culinary artistry and Japanese simplicity.

1-Flowerhill_Camille_A5 Hokkaido Beef & Tuna Akami Tartare
1-Flowerhill – Camille

Romantic Wedding Venue


Whether it is a birthday celebration, a corporate gathering, or a joyous family reunion, the new enchanting locale in Sentosa offers a captivating space for the occasion. However, for those seeking the perfect romantic locale, 1-Flowerhill will be a unique unforgettable wedding venue. Envision your grand celebration – an intricately designed wedding feast within glass-clad, floor-to-ceiling dining hall, or an idyllic ceremony amidst the lush greenery of open-air gardens as twilight descends. 1-Flowerhill promises that your love story can unfold as you have always dreamed – stylish, charming, and utterly enchanting.
1-Flowerhill Wedding

6 Imbiah Road, Sentosa
Singapore 099696

Tel / WhatsApp: +65 9630 1008


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