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La Table des Caves Paris – Cosy Restaurant in Galerie Vivienne

La Table des Caves Paris was the restaurant where we had lunch when visiting the charming Galerie Vivienne. Built in 1823 in the 2nd arrondissement of Paris, Galerie Vivienne is one of the most beautiful covered galleries in the city of Paris.

La Table des Caves Paris(Le Comptoir des Caves Legrand)Galerie Vivienne

Maison Legrand 

With a length of 176 meters, the neo-classical Pompeian building houses many shops such as grocery stores, tea rooms, high-end ready-to-wear shops, decoration and restaurants. To us, the most interesting restaurant is the Table des Caves restaurant which is part of Maison Legrand that also runs a wine cellar and shop inside the premises. Apparently their wine business can be traced back to 1880 and it is said that “Lucien Legrand invented the profession of wine merchant”. You can read more about the history of the Maison here.

La Table des Caves Paris(Le Comptoir des Caves Legrand)Galerie Vivienne

With the wine shop next door and shelves lined with wine bottles, this seems like an attractive place to eat and drink in Paris.

Legrand Filles et Fils

Sometimes referred to as Le Comptoir des Caves Legrand, the restaurant has a warm, welcoming ambience. The best seats are along the windows, allowing diners to watch the shoppers along the passage way of Galerie Vivienne.

La Table des Caves Paris(Le Comptoir des Caves Legrand)Galerie Vivienne

La Table des Caves Paris Wine Selection

The Table des Caves offers a large and eclectic selection of wines from the cellar that also includes “.. old vintages from mythical domains, strictly reserved for tasting on the spot.” Here is a picture of a page from the extensive wine list that has entries of wine from many of the French wine regions. You can view their complete Legrand Filles et Fils wine here: Wine List.

La Table des Caves Paris wine list

More relevant to us, casual visitors to Paris, is the wines by the glass selection. Here is a picture of the range available on the day. Mostly affordable wines to go with the food but a few notable rare (and expensive) ones such as Krug champagne and 2002 Chateau d’Yquem dessert wine (€55 per glass each).

La Table des Caves Paris wine Menu

La Table des Caves Paris Food Menu

The La Table des Caves food menu has less items than the list of wines by the glass. It is a short list but enough for us. The menu is said to be reviewed every week so as to “...offer you a cuisine exclusively made of fresh and seasonal products“, which is a good thing.

La Table des Caves Paris Food Menu

Lunch at Galerie Vivienne – Starters

Our picks of starters for lunch were green asparagus with peas, tarragon whipped ricotta, sumac and strawberry condiment (picture above €15) and crab-stuffed kohlrabi raviole (€12). Both were dishes with light flavouring, enabling us to taste the freshness of the ingredients.

Main Courses and Wine

Main courses for lunch were monkfish poached with fresh turmeric romanesco cabbage salad and chick peas (picture above) and fresh morels stuffed with pearl barley, spring vegetables and walnut. Both main courses were enjoyable. Not the run of the mill restaurant dishes, we can see that the chef is very creative to use the available ingredients of the season, I had quick look at the menu presently available at the time of this post and the items are quite different.


Our choice of wine that day was a white wine that we have not tried before : 2019 Domaine de la Pâturie, Loup gris, IGP Franche-Comté (€10 per glass). Crisp and mildly fruity, it was good with our lightly flavoured lunch.

Food: 4
Service: 4
Value: 4
Atmosphere: 4
Overall Rating: 4 TOPs  4 tops


La Table des Caves Paris
(Le Comptoir des Caves Legrand)
Galerie Vivienne
Access via 4, Rue des Petits-Champs 75002 Paris.
Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday, Noon to 11pm


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