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Mìmì Restaurant at The Riverhouse: Modern Chinese Delights in a Historic Setting

Tucked away on the upper floor of The Riverhouse, a historic Chinese mansion over 150 years old, Mìmì Restaurant offers a rather unique dining experience. There, you will find delectable contemporary Chinese cuisine served in a setting steeped in heritage, with a touch of historical intrigue.

Mìmì at The Riverhouse

Mìmì Restaurant

Mìmì Restaurant

Mìmì’s interior design is a blend of contemporary chic and old world charm. The ambiance is one of casual sophistication, good for an intimate dinner or a gathering with friends.

Mìmì Restaurant at Clarke Quay

Mimi has private dining rooms which offer a luxurious oriental private dining experience, with special menus.

The Menu

The menu of Mìmì Restaurant draws inspiration from Sichuan, Guangdong and Jiang Su provinces of China. Using both modern and traditional cooking techniques, the chefs create dishes that are both familiar and Interesting.

Appealing dishes include the Pan-Seared Kurobuta Pork Chop, a succulent take on a classic, the Sichuan Boiled Fish, where fiery spice meets delicate protein and the Camphor Tea Smoked Duck.

Besides the a la carte menu, there are sets for lunch and dinner.

Dinner at Mìmì Restaurant

We opted for the 6 course Dinner Set A, priced at a reasonable $88 per person.

MiMi Restaurant Trio of Appetisers

The Trio of Appetisers was a delightful introduction, featuring egg with crab meat, roast pork belly cubes and crispy prawn ball with wasabi sauce.

Trio of Appetizers

Following that was the Double-Boiled Black-bone Chicken Soup with Mushroom. It had a depth of flavour that offered comforting warmth.

Mimi Dinner Set Soup

The mains were Sautéed Scallop and Prawn Ball in Shrimp Sauce and Broccoli with Shiitake Mushroom
and Sea Cucumber.

The scallop and prawn were plumb. The asparagus provided a delightful crunch. The light and flavorful sauce did not hide the freshness of the ingredients.

The mushroom and sea cucumber dish was good. The shiitake mushroom had a meaty texture and, with the tasty sauce, tasted almost like abalone. The well-braised sea cucumber had a gelatinous yet tender consistency, adding a delicate touch of luxury to the dish.


The intriguing name “Pirate Fried Rice” is believed to have originated in China during the Qing Dynasty.
Legend has it that pirates, who frequented the Southern coast during that era, relied on readily available ingredients to whip up quick and hearty meals. Over time, this resourceful “pirate cuisine,” featuring a mix of ingredients, is said to have found its way into local kitchens and evolved into the dish popular in Southern China and Taiwan today.

We did not know what were all the ingredients used in Mimi’s Pirate Fried Rice, but the dish was tasty and satisfying.

To end the meal, we were treated to the Osmanthus Jelly with Mixed Fruit Cocktails, a refreshing and light dessert that complemented the richness of the preceding courses.

Good food in a stylish atmosphere

The Riverhouse has an intriguing history. An article in NLB’s Biblioasia says the three owners in 1870 of the land where Riverhouse was built included two headmen of the notorious Ghee Hok Society (also known as Ghee Hok Kongsi; 义福公司), and The Riverhouse could have been or intended to be a secret society house.

Unlike typical restaurants found in shopping malls or hotels, Mìmì Restaurant at The Riverhouse in Clarke Quay offers something unique. It serves good food in a relaxed yet stylish atmosphere, set within a building steeped in history and with its own colourful stories – a dining experience infused with the exotic allure of early Singapore. You could be dining in the very spot where the secret society headmen were plotting their next opium den or violent turf war.

Food: 4
Service: 3
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 4
Overall Rating: 4 TOPs  4 tops

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秘密 Mìmì Restaurant
3A River Valley Road, #02-02, Clarke Quay
Singapore 179020

WhatsApp: +65 8879 0688


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