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Le Soufflé Paris – Cosy Restaurant Near the Louvre Museum

Le Soufflé Paris is a soufflé specialist since 1961. This is a cosy, traditional restaurant in the first arrondissement of Paris. Convenient for residents in the area and for tourists as it is close to popular sightseeing areas like the Louvre Museum and Place Vendôme.

Le Soufflé Paris review

Cosy Restaurant Near the Louvre Museum

Only a ten minute walk from the famous Paris museum which attracts large crowds (the above picture was taken early in the morning before the tourists are awake), Le Soufflé Paris, was an oasis of calm. With a traditional decor of wood panelled walls and simple white table cloths, this was a fitting place to try soufflé which according to Wikipedia is “…a baked egg dish originating in France in the early 18th century…”.

Le Soufflé Paris

Le Soufflé Paris Menu

Here are pictures of some pages from the Le Soufflé Paris menu and wine list. With soufflé being the star at this restaurant, it was easy to decide what to eat. The only decisions to be made were the side dishes (if any) and the flavours of the soufflé. In the end we decided to try a couple of French culinary classics – onion soup and escargots. We also decided on two soufflé dishes – one savoury and one sweet.

Le Soufflé Paris menu

Le Soufflé Paris menu

It was nice to see many types of wine available in half bottles, which is just adequate for light drinking at lunch time. We tried a 2022 Domaine de la Creuze Noire Juliénas ‘Le Clos’ (20 €) from the Beaujolais region.

Le Soufflé Paris wine menu

A Traditional French Lunch

The red wine looked cute in the half bottle size. With warm baguettes and butter, this was a simple and fitting start to a simple French lunch in the heart of Paris.

Le Soufflé Paris

The onion soup and escargots (19€ each) were ok, comparable to what is served at some French restaurants in Singapore such as Bistro du Vin. But we were expecting even better from such a famous restaurant in Paris.


Le Soufflé Paris – Savoury and Sweet Soufflé

We tried a savoury beef bourguignon soufflé (22€) and a sweet Grand Marnier soufflé (14€) for dessert. The beef soufflé was a plain soufflé served with a pitcher of beef bourguignon. The soufflé was very good – light and fluffy while the beef and gravy was fine but not memorable. This small dish was more substantial than it looks. It alone would be enough as lunch for one person.

Le Soufflé Paris beef bourguignon soufflé (22€)

The best dish of the day was the Grand Marnier soufflé. A soufflé doused with a copious amount of the sweet orange-flavored liqueur. 

Le Soufflé Paris sweet Grand Marnier soufflé

A bottle of the liquor was left at our table, to be added at our leisure. That was a sweet end to our lunch at Le Soufflé Paris.

 beef bourguignon soufflé (22€) and a sweet Grand Marnier soufflé

Food: 3
Service: 3
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 4
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs 3 Tops


Le Soufflé
36 rue du Mont Thabor
75001 Paris, France


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