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Ju Xing Home – good for grand feast or delightful quick meal

Popular Hong Kong zi char eatery, Ju Xing Home, serves up delicious Cantonese and Sichuan fare. Tucked away in Ngee Ann City’s Basement 2, it caters to both grand meals and quick casual bites.

Ju Xing Home

Ju Xing Home Singapore

Starting as a humble Hong Kong eatery in 2011, Ju Xing Home has since blossomed into a three-outlet chain. Its popularity is evident – renowned chefs and celebrities in Hong Kong regularly frequent the establishment. Now, Singapore gets a taste of Chef-Owner Ng Kong Kiu’s craft and the restaurant’s signature menu.

Ju Xing Home, Singapore

Ju Xing Home is located in the bustling basement 2 of Ngee Ann City. The entrance faces Takashimaya Square, where food fairs and events (like mooncake fair) are usually held.

Ju Xing Home, Ngee Ann City

The interior is typical of a contemporary Chinese restaurant. There is even a bank of live seafood tanks. There is a mix of seating options. Large round tables offer plenty of space for big families and groups, while comfortable booth seats provide a more intimate setting.

Ju Xing Home, Orchard Road

Menu of Ju Xing Home

The menu features classic Cantonese stir-fries alongside spicy Sichuan dishes. Live seafood is a big part of the menu. Some of its signature dishes include Prawn Fried Rice Vermicelli, Poached Chilli Beef, Sweet and Sour Pork, and Sichuan Spicy Fried Chicken.

Ju Xing Home Menu

Below are a few screenshots of the menu of Ju Xing Home in Singapore.

Good Simple Lunch

For our lunch, we opted for two simple dishes: Fried Crispy Eggplant with Pork Floss ($12.80) and Claypot Beancurd ($15.80). Plain steamed rice was $2 per bowl and pu er tea was charged at $2.80 per person.

The portions of the dishes were quite generous, meant to be shared by 3 to 4 people. So be mindful when ordering, especially for smaller groups.

Fried Crispy Eggplant with Pork Floss

The Fried Crispy Eggplant with Pork Floss was very enjoyable. Thin slices of eggplant, dipped in a light batter, were fried to a delicate golden crisp. Inside, the eggplant remained soft and succulent, creating a delightful textural contrast. The generous topping of sweet and savoury pork floss, along with deep-fried curry leaves and crunchy cereal bits, made the dish even more delectable.

Claypot Beancurd at Ju Xing

The Claypot Beancurd, brimming with broccoli and mushrooms, came with a rich and flavourful broth. The star of the show, however, was the silky smooth bean curd. Everything in the dish came together beautifully, and it paired perfectly with plain steamed rice.

Claypot Beancurd and Rice

Excellent Food

Pu Er Tea at Ju Xing

Overall, Ju Xing Home delivered a satisfying and delightful dining experience. The food we tried were excellent. While many patrons went there for the extravagant seafood spreads, this Hong Kong restaurant in Ngee Ann City could be equally well-suited for a simple and casual meal like the one we had.

Ju Xing Home,  Takashimaya Shopping Centre

Food: 5
Service: 3
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 4
Overall Rating: 4 TOPs  4 tops


Ju Xing Home
B2-36A, Takashimaya Shopping Centre (Event Square),
391A Orchard Road
Singapore 238873

Tel: +65 9666 1357

Opening Hours: 11 am – 10 pm

Nearby MRT Station: Orchard (NS22)

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