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Petit Pain Joo Chiat Bakery – 2024 Menu and Baking Schedule

Petit Pain Joo Chiat Bakery is sometimes referred to as the place to find the best croissants in Singapore. We last visited them when they first opened in 2019. So it was time to revisit them 5 years later in 2024.

Petit Pain Joo Chiat Bakery

Small Batch Bakery in Joo Chiat

As reported in our September 2019 post, Petit Pain Joo Chiat was started by Mark and Regina. Since then, their popularity seems to have gained momentum over the years. We have seen ‘sold out’ signs when we passed by on several occasions. But this is quite understandable because it is a “small batch bakery” i.e. each batch of bakes is produced in small quantities.

On this visit, we were there at an off-peak period of around 11 am, not long after opening time and there was a short queue of customers in the shop.

There were not many items left on display but these were some items for sale if one is not fussy. By the way, all of them were gone when we returned to collect our items a couple of hours later. This could explain why the queue moves slowly at this bakery. Folks are not just buying stuff but also placing orders for later.

Petit Pain Joo Chiat Bakery Menu and Baking Schedule

It was also on this visit that we learnt about the Petit Pain Bakery baking schedule. The main thing to note is the 3 baking times : opening time, 12pm and 2pm. These are the best times to visit and see what is available. We were there around 11.30 am, a middle-of-nowhere time so the best option was to make an advance purchase of the items we wanted and they would bake them for the next bake at around 12. We can then collect anytime after that (which we did at around 1pm).

Petit Pain Joo Chiat Bakery Menu
Petit Pain Bakery Menu

What we learnt on this visit is not to be discouraged by the empty shelves. Just place an order for the next bake time, go for lunch and collect it thereafter, as long as we do it before the closing time.

What We Bought and Petit Pain Bakery Prices

We placed an order for one honey brioche ($7.20), a classic croissant ($3.60) and a pain au chocolat ($4.20). The price seemed to have increased since our 2019 visit when the classic croissant was $3, a 20% increase over 5 years. Which is not good but not too bad either, considering how other prices have increased over the same period.

Petit Pain Joo Chiat Bakery honey brioche ($7.20), a classic croissant ($3.60) and a pain au chocolat ($4.20).

The classic croissant and a pain au chocolat have a good classic buttery taste with an extremely crisp exterior. There is no way to avoid making a mess when the skin crumbles on the first bite.

Petit Pain Joo Chiat Bakery honey brioche ($7.20), a classic croissant ($3.60) and a pain au chocolat ($4.20).

But the winner of the day was the brioche. The bread was soft and chewy and remained so for the rest of the day. It can be eaten natural (below left photo) or toasted. As no preservatives were used in the making of these products, We kept some overnight in the fridge and toasted them the next day in an air fryer (4 minutes + flip for 2 mins at 175°C). The result was wonderful – golden brown surface and still soft inside (below right photo).


Petit Pain Bakery
315 Joo Chiat Road 
Singapore 427566

Opening Hours:
Tuesday to Friday: 11 am – 5 pm
Saturday & Sunday 10 am – 4 pm
Closed on Monday


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