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Ivins Peranakan Restaurant’s New Menu 2024

Ivins Peranakan Restaurant in Binjai Park hardly needs any introduction. This restaurant has operated here since 1988 and is a well-patronised institution in the Bukit Timah residential area. Ivins’ new menu in 2024 seems to be a topic of discussion in Google reviews. We stopped by to discover what higher prices for larger portions means for ordinary patrons.

Neighbourhood Peranakan Restaurant at Binjai

On the ground floor of a block of walk-up apartments, Ivins Peranakan Restaurant has a laid back appearance. It has roughly remained the same for as long as we can remember. Free roadside parking is available right in front of the restaurant (if you are lucky), if not there are usually lots available in the surrounding lanes of the landed housing estate. Parallel parking skills will be put to the test.

Ivins Peranakan Restaurant’s New Menu 2024

A new menu with increased prices in 2024 had sparked some discussions on Google Review. This is a screen shot of a reply from the restaurant owner to a comment about Ivins Peranakan Restaurant’s new menu prices. It appears that the price increases are a reflection of cost pressures and larger portion sizes. The latter, a result of a standardisation of portion sizes across their outlets.

Screenshot of Ivins Owner’s Reply

Here are pictures of the Ivins Peranakan Restaurant’s new menu in 2024, when we recently visited the restaurant. Comparing this to the menu in our 2022 post, the layout of the menu seems to have improved, with pictures to guide diners on what to expect. Prices have increased. Nasi Lemak Ayam Rendang used to cost $6.80, now it is $11.

Ivins Peranakan Restaurant's New Menu 2024

A primary dish in Peranakan restaurants, Ayam Buah Keluak used to be priced at $8.20, now it costs $14 (S), $24(M). It is however an incomplete comparison just by looking at prices when the portion sizes have also increased. Quantity and quality, however are more difficult assessments as we do not have accurate ways of measuring that, We can only rely on our imperfect recollections.

Ivins Peranakan Restaurant's New Menu 2024
Ivins Peranakan Restaurant's New Menu 2024
Ivins Peranakan Restaurant's New Menu 2024

Peranakan Lunch at Binjai Park

We had these dishes for lunch – hee peow (fish maw) soup ($12), Nyonya chap chai ($8), honey pork ($11) and chai poh omelette ($8). It was obvious that the size of servings were larger. The increase in soup size in particular, was very noticeable. It may be sufficient for four diners. As to whether the size justifies the new price is subjective. I think it will also depend on taste, not just quantity.

In the case of the hee peow soup we were most impressed by its taste. The clear soup was packed with flavours. We will be happy to order this again.

Ivins Peranakan Restaurant review

The chap chye seems larger and still has the old familiar taste. At a price of $8, I think it is still good value. This can be shared among two or three folks.

Ivins Peranakan Restaurant's New Menu 2024

As for the honey pork ($11 for a small portion), I cannot recall what it used to look like so I don’t know how the portion size has increased. But the taste was good (but not as outstanding as the dishes described earlier).

The most disappointing dish of the day was the chai poh omelette. Not on account of the price or quantity but because of taste, or rather the lack of it. The nice salty crunch of chye poh egg (such as the one at Ghim Moh market Teochew Stall) was missed. This one we will avoid in future.


IVINS Peranakan Restaurant
19/21 Binjai Park
Singapore 589827 

Opening Hours: 11 am – 3 pm; 5 pm – 9 pm
Closed on Thursdays

Ivins (Foodpanda Delivery)

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