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The Ordinary Patrons write about Singapore restaurants, cafes and other food and beverage establishments we visit – giving our frank opinion about the food, service and atmosphere of the place and whether we think the prices give good value. We visit an eatery just as the average customers do and pay for our own meals. This Singapore food blog is about real dining experience of ordinary Singaporeans.

Singapore Food

Singapore is famous for its food – from local Michelin star hawker fare to food in celebrated restaurants said to be “worth taking a plane ride for” by the New York Times. The number of Singapore restaurants, cafes and food stalls is staggering and new places for food & beverages sprout up by the week. Yet you commonly hear in Singapore –  What to Eat?  Where to eat? – and there is a constant search for the latest food guide and restaurant reviews. Browsing this independent Singapore food blog may give a glimpse of where ordinary locals eat in Singapore or help you decide what to eat and where to eat in Singapore.

Food Clusters

A collection of posts about food clusters in Singapore the Ordinary Patrons have explored – like the shiny Jewel in Changi Airport, scenic Botanic Gardens, the swanky Marina One and Duo Galleria, Dempsey Hill in an old army base, Marine Cove by the beach and malls in the suburbs.

New Places

A collection of this Singapore food blog’s posts about new Singapore restaurants, cafes and other food places the Ordinary Patrons have discovered – sharing what is cooking or brewing in new spots and exciting new additions to the Singapore food scene – such as Min Jiang @ Dempsey, Olivia Restaurant, Zui Yu Xuan Teochew Cuisine, Grove Cafe, Geylang Claypot Rice, V Dining, Hototogisu Paragon, Soufflé, Violet Oon Singapore Ion Orchard, Duckland Restaurant, Jam @ Siri House, Gaston, The Green Ducklings and Hans Im Gluck VivoCity.

Food Dictionary

If you are sometimes bewildered, like the Ordinary Patrons often are, by the array of descriptions of dishes, ingredients and cooking techniques in cosmopolitan Singapore, you may find some help in The Ordinary Patrons’ Dictionary of Singapore Food.

Deals & News

We put up the latest Singapore restaurant deals, food news and F&B promotions and information that we come across which we think are of interest in our Deals & News Page.

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