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Singapore is famous for its food – from local Michelin star hawker fare to food in celebrated restaurants said to be “worth taking a plane ride for” by the New York Times. Browsing this independent Singapore food blog may give a glimpse of where ordinary locals eat in Singapore or help you decide what to eat and where to eat in Singapore. A good place to start will be to check out our shortlist of 20 restaurants for various budgets and tastes.

Kok Sen Zi Char Takeaway Lunch : Claypot Yong Tau Foo

We had a simple Kok Sen zi char takeaway lunch recently. Kok Sen Restaurant (國成球記菜社) is a famous zi char restaurant at Keong Saik Road which has been in business for many decades. It is listed as a Bi…

Jia Wei Chinese Restaurant (家味)
Jia Wei Chinese Restaurant Takeaway Bentos

家味 Jia Wei Chinese Restaurant is located in Hotel Grand Mercure Roxy. It is one of the nicest Chinese restaurants in Katong. Jia Wei Chinese Restaurant takeaway and delivery allows us to sav…

Culina Charcuterie & Cheese Platter At Home

Running out of da bao ideas, we decided to try our hand at putting together a Culina charcuterie and cheese platter using products purchased from the Culina Market at Dempsey. Ordinarily it would be e…

W Singapore Brunch Away
Takeaway & Delivery from Brunch Cafes & Restaurants

Indulgent brunch treats can now be enjoyed at home. There is currently a surprisingly wide array of takeaway & delivery options – ranging from affordable fare of your favourite neighbourhood…

Food Dictionary

If you are sometimes bewildered, like the Ordinary Patrons often are, by the array of descriptions of dishes, ingredients and cooking techniques in cosmopolitan Singapore, you may find some help in The Ordinary Patrons’ Dictionary of Singapore Food.

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Singapore restaurants, cafes and F&B news, special events and promotions that we come across are listed in our Deals & News Page.


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