Casa Tartufo – house of truffles in Singapore


Casa Tartufo is an Italian restaurant located in the Scarlet Hotel, a quaint boutique hotel in the vibrant Club Street area. The name caught our attention as we walked past. Anything Italian which has truffles should be good, so we decided to try out this restaurant.

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PeraMakan @ Katong – a Peranakan Restaurant for a “Good Makan” (Outlet closed)


The Malay term “Peranakan” means “locally born”. However, today “Peranakan” in Singapore generally refers to people of mixed heritage descended from the 15th century immigrant Chinese traders who married local Malay/Indonesian women. The name of Nyonya food chain, PeraMakan, is a clever play of the Malay words of “Peranakan” and “Makan” (to eat). PeraMakan says that it is a “marriage of two great cultures, the rich culinary heritage of the Peranakans and Singaporean’s favourite past time, to makan“.
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Smoke House Charcoal BBQ @ Great World City


Smoke House is the first of its kind retail and self-service Japanese BBQ restaurant in SIngapore.   You can purchase many kinds of meats, other types of food  and beverages at its retail area and then cook them yourself over a BBQ stove in the dining area.  Is this the perfect solution to having the experience of a BBQ meal without the hassle?

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PS.Cafe Petit @ Martin Road

PS Petit @ Martin Road

It is one of those cafes which makes you think about moving into the neighborhood. It is pretty with modern warm interior design, full of cheerful relaxed people, and has a tempting spread of cakes, pastries and ice cream. Continue reading →

Seasons Bistro – Seasonal Food @ TripleOne Somerset (Closed)

Seasons Bistro

Gordon Ramsay, controversial celebrity chef, was reported to have said that British restaurants should be fined if they served fruit and vegetables which were not in season. He should have no complaint against Seasons Bistro at TripleOne Somerset then. Seasons Bistro is a casual American style diner. With Executive Chef Benjamin Fong at its helm, the bistro believes in the practice of cooking with seasonal ingredients and offering seasonally‐changing menus. Continue reading →

La Braceria Italian Pizza and Grill at Greenwood Ave


La Braceria is one of the many restaurants clustered along the Greenwood area of the upmarket Watten Estate residential district. It is owned by the Iannone brothers who hail from Italy and whose  mission is to serve honest, authentic Italian food. Continue reading →