Lunch at Midori Sushi Restaurant – the other attraction at Shibuya, Tokyo


midori sushi shibuya111During our recent trip to Tokyo, it seems that there are two major attractions in Shibuya, Tokyo. The first is of course the statue of Hachiko, the Akita dog which is fondly remembered for his loyalty to his master by continuing to wait for him at the Shibuya station everyday for many years after he passed away. The second, it seems is the Umegaoka Sushi No Midori Sohonten restaurant located at the Mark City East Building which is connected to Shibuya Station.  Both these attractions have long lines of people queuing up – the first to have their photo taken, the second to eat the raw fish selections.  We would love to write about both, but this being a food blog, we will restrain ourselves and just write about the food.

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TOP New Restaurants 2014

The Ordinary PatronsThe Ordinary Patrons have had an interesting and delightful journey discovering new restaurants, cafes and places to eat and drink in Singapore in 2014. As the year comes to an end, we pick the TOP new restaurants, cafes and dining destinations which had opened in 2014 – The Ordinary Patrons’ favourites. These are new places which had given us experiences to savour. We wish that there will be more of such great food and beverage establishments to discover in 2015.

Top New Restaurant Overall : The Corner House
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Our cosy dinner at Izakaya An An at Akasaka, Tokyo

An An Izakaya at Akasaka Mitsuke11

We continue today on our search for a suitable restaurant for dinner near the Akasaka Mitsuke subway station in Tokyo. We had previously stumbled upon a gem of a restaurant serving Western food – the Ore-no French Italian restaurant in the vicinity, so we decided to look for something that is traditionally Japanese. There are many Japanese restaurants in this area where office workers from the nearby office buildings go for their drinks and dinner after work. The izakaya type of restaurant is perfect for this purpose. These are very casual pub-like places but with very good local food.  We stopped at the Izakaya An An. It looks as traditional as you can imagine with all the signages only in Japanese.  We hesitated but decided to try it after we saw a few groups of locals streaming in. Go with the flow!

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Ore-no French & Italian Restaurant in Akasaka, Tokyo

Ore-no Italian Adachi Akasaka07Away from the usual tourist areas, the Akasaka area of Tokyo hosts many interesting restaurants waiting to be discovered by visitors. We focused, in particular, on the area where there are many restaurants near the Akasaka Mitsuke subway station. The best exit to emerge from the station is exit 10. When you leave the station, you are in the heart of the area which is full of small restaurants. As this is not a usual tourist area and the main clientele are the office workers in the area, only a few restaurants have English menus and have staff that can communicate with you. But therein lies the charm of this place as you can feel the authentic atmosphere of Tokyo here.  We were unsure of what to eat at Akasaka, when we came across this restaurant – Ore-no French and Italian Restaurant (there is no English name on the signboard – we only found it when we googled for it). There was only a Japanese signboard. What caught our attention was the big photographs of its chefs at the entrance and when we peeked inside, the fully packed dining room was bursting at its seams. There were even more surprises in store when we entered the restaurant.

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Big Box Warehouse Retail Mall opens at Jurong East, Singapore

Big Box

Big Box

(October 2015 update – we have updated some details in our post to reflect some changes that have taken place since the opening of Big Box in 2014)

Big Box Warehouse Retail Mall has opened for business today, thereby completing the shopping trilogy (together with Jem and Westgate) that has unfolded in the Jurong East Area. With the Ng Teng Fong Hospital in its final stages of construction, it seems that this area around the Jurong East MRT Station will be teeming with activity in 2015.  The MRT station and these buildings are conveniently interlinked by a series of covered walkways, aptly called ” the J Walk”. As usual, the main interest of the ordinary patrons is the food options at the new Big Box mall and so we went down to Jurong East today to check out the place.

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