Dazzling Cafe Singapore at Capitol Piazza

Dazzling Cafe at Capitol

Dazzling Cafe 蜜糖吐司專賣店, the Taiwanese dessert chain, has opened its Singapore branch at the new Capitol Piazza. Dazzling Cafe Singapore seems like it is designed for the instagram generation. The cafe, its food and even its menu all look colourful and dressed-up to be photographed. The food at Dazzling Cafe Singapore is good but not that good that I would wait in line if there should be a long queue.

Dazzling Cafe at Capitol
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Create your own set menu at Hung Kang Teochew Restaurant, Singapore

Hung Kang Teochew

Hung Kang Teochew Restaurant01

Hung Kang is probably one of the best known Teochew restaurant names in Singapore. This traditional Teochew restaurant has been around for as long as I can remember. I recall its original premises was a shop further down the road but it has been at its current location for at least 15 years.

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TOP Beauty Foods which are enjoyable and easily available in Singapore

Top Beauty Foods

We like to eat well and look good. Eating well in Singapore is not a problem. Becoming more beautiful by eating tasty food is the challenge. Sometimes the top beauty foods and healthy foods recommended are either tasteless or they look like food for cows or Martians. Some superfoods reputed to be good for skin health are so exotic that by the time we find them we would have added a few more lines to our faces. We set out to discover beauty foods that we find enjoyable and easily available in restaurants and cafes in Singapore. So we now have The Ordinary Patrons’ list of favorite beauty foods which are easily available in Singapore.

Before we start on the list of “beauty foods”, we must say that we really only know how to eat and know very little about nutrition, food science or skin health. So do take everything with a pinch of salt (but not too much, as scientific studies have shown that excess intake of salt raises blood pressure 🙂 ). Most of the information here about the nutrients found in food and their effects on skin health are derived from the resources and articles found on the website of the National Health Promotion Board and the publication Micronutrients and Skin Health by Linus Pauling Institute of the Oregon State University.

So here is the TOP beauty foods and where we found them in Singapore.

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Haha Thai restaurant in Ngee Ann City


Haha Thai restaurant is the latest food outlet to open at Ngee City. It is situated on the 5th floor, near the Best Denki electrical appliance store. If not for its name, one might not have guessed that this is a Thai restaurant. The decor is set in the retro-industrial style that is popular with many cafes these days. Exposed electrical trunking, some naked light bulbs, old style furniture and throw in a couple of bicycles that seem like they belong to the 1960s to get the look.
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Dragon Bowl 龍碗 Cantonese Restaurant at Aperia Mall

Dragon Bowl 龍碗

We went to Dragon Bowl 龍碗 Cantonese Restaurant at Aperia Mall with no expectations. In fact it is quite hard to form a definite impression of the place as there are mixed signals. It has a open frontage and looks more like a casual noodle house but their chefs and waiting staff are quite properly and formally attired. You can see that they put some effort in the interior decorations but somehow we think the place will probably lose out to many modern Singapore food courts in the looks department. They have a nice bar counter and next to it is a glass display cabinet that will not look out of place in a fruit stall of a hawker centre. What really bemuses us is a poster advertising “Ladies Night”. Ladies Night in a Chinese restaurant?

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