WIP at Bangsar – one of Malaysia’s Best Kept Secrets

WIP at Bangsar

WIP at Bangsar Shopping Centre is a lovely place to hang out if you are in Kuala Lumpur. Their opening hours are simply stated as “Noon until closing”; and from what we understand closing can be very very late, or even early the next morning. Located some way off the main Bukit Bintang tourist belt, not many visitors to Kuala Lumpur find their way to WIP at Bangsar. It is, however, popular with locals in the know – for lunch, high tea, evening cocktails or to party the night away. It was said to be one of Malaysia’s best kept secrets. Continue reading →

Puteri Harbour Cafe – 10 Ringgit Lunch at 5 Star Puteri Harbour

Puteri Harbour

We had a good lunch for 10 Malaysian ringgit (about S$3.80 at current exchange rate) at a 5 star location in Nusajaya, Malaysia. Puteri Harbour Cafe & Bar is a restaurant in the public marina of Puteri Harbour in Nusajaya, Iskandar Malaysia. The restaurant faces the marina and has both indoor and outdoor seatings. It serves a  wide range of local and western food. It is a wonderful venue for a meal with a view at very affordable prices. Continue reading →

Penang Chiak at Beach Road (Outlet Closed)

Penang Chiak

Penang Chiak is a new eatery which has just opened for business. Situated along Beach Road, opposite The Concourse, this small self-service restaurant serves a variety of Penang street food including Lok Lok. The prices are very reasonable and the Assam Lasak and Koay Teow Soup we tried were good authentic Penang-styled versions.

Penang Chiak

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Breakfast for 2 for less than $5 at Jamal Restaurant (Closed)

Breakfast for less than $5 at Jamal Restaurant

A café society girl may not want to be seen there, but for ordinary patrons who want simple local breakfast, Jamal Restaurant provides a great option. It is a place where you can have breakfast for 2 for less than $5. Located along East Coast Road, the old style coffee shop serves Indian Muslim food. We went there for breakfast because it was one of the few places where you could get putu mayam.
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TOP Singapore food courts

Best Singapore Food Courts

Singapore’s food courts have really transformed from dark stuffy ducklings into beautiful swans. Gone are the boring and plain areas and in their place pleasant, almost restaurant-like settings. The only downside is that prices have also been going up.  We hope price increases will be moderated in the future. They are convenient places to go to find different types of food in one common dining space.

In appreciation of the efforts made by food courts to make our familiar hawker fare and other types of food available to us in increasingly plusher surroundings, we have compiled a list of the food courts that we feel are the best food courts in Singapore as they have gone out of their way to improve our dining experience. The places are listed in no particular order. Continue reading →