Old Skool Dessert House (Closed)

Old Skool

Add Old Skool Dessert House to the growing list of interesting eateries along East Coast Road. The new dessert place is at the ground floor of The Odeon Katong and has a cutesy classroom theme complete with chalk boards and a “Detention Corner” for waiting patrons. Continue reading →

Yamagawa Japanese Restaurant


Yamagawa is a Japanese restaurant hidden at the Plaza behind the Parkroyal on Beach Road Hotel. Its decor is that of a traditional Japanese restaurant with dark wood furniture – simple and elegant. There is a sushi bar, teppanyaki griddle and private tatami rooms. On their menu are bentos, teppanyaki, sashimi, assorted sushi, handrolls as well as rice bowls and noodles. Bento boxes start from $20. They offer set meals and there is an “a-la-carte” buffet dinner at $35 ($38 in the weekends). Continue reading →

Kimchi Restaurant

Kimchi Restaurant

Kimchi Korean Restaurant is located at the 2nd level of the revamped Suntec City Convention Mall. It has bright and spacious interior. There are tables with barbeque grills, a bar area, private rooms as well as conventional dining area. Hunky young waiters in tight t-shirts may also make the place more inviting to some. Continue reading →

breez bistro.bar

breeze1breez bistro.bar is a small restaurant hidden on the 4th floor of Grand Mercure Roxy Hotel in East Coast (Opposite Parkway Parade). It has a casual elegant decor with a view of the hotel’s swimming pool. Guests may choose to sit in the air-conditioned comfort of the indoor restaurant and bar area; or outdoor by the pool. They have a wide selection of drinks anytime of the day with “Happy Hour” from 5 pm to 8 pm and all day on Sunday! Continue reading →

Sushi Yamanaka in Fukuoka, Japan

Sushi Yamanaka is a small sushi restaurant in Fukuoka.  It is located near the western end of the Tenjin underground shopping gallery. From the Loft department store, you can walk there in 10 minutes.  That is, if you do not get lost, because it is situated in a labyrinth of small streets with little sign posting and whatever street signs there are are in Japanese. It is housed in a small cubical concrete building which gives you no clue that a restaurant was in operation inside.  It is advisable to take a taxi for even when you are dropped off at the main entrance you have doubts as to whether you had arrived at the correct address. There is a pair of large metal doors, with no windows and no sign of activity. Stepping closer,  the doors slide open automatically revealing a warm bustling interior and a smiling welcoming staff member. It is a small place with about 15 seats at a long and lovely wooden sushi bar and a few tables seating about another 15 patrons. Reservations are essential.


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