iO Italian Osteria at HillV2

During our earlier visit to HillV2, we had given our first impressions about iO Italian Osteria (see earlier post on HillV2). Today we had the opportunity to sample their cuisine. [July 2015 Update – There has been some changes to the menu since our Sep 2014 visit. See our recent post on iO Italian Osteria …

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My $1 breakfast

Is Ikea a furniture store with a nice cafe corner or a cafe with a nice furniture corner?  In the mornings, Ikea at Alexandra Road, which is a convenient location in Singapore, certainly looks like the latter. Almost all their patrons are here for breakfast. And with prices like this, it is easy to see …

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TOP New Places for Brunch in Singapore, 2014

The Singapore brunch revolution continues. Brunch is so popular in Singapore that the usual brunch places get very crowded, especially on weekends. It is good that there are new eateries that have come into the brunch scene. This is The Ordinary Patrons’ list of new places for brunch in Singapore (opened in 2014) which we …

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Nordic Inspired Brunch at Gaest cafe (Closed)

Gaest cafe is a tiny hole-in-the-wall cafe serving sandwiches “inspired by modern Nordic cuisine”. The 200 sq ft space (our guesstimate) houses the food preparation area and seating for six. More alfresco seating is provided outside. But within the confines of such a tiny place, they managed to whip up quite a tasty brunch.

Sumire Yakitori House @ Icon Village, Singapore

A new section of Tanjong Pagar’s Icon Village is filling up with eateries. Sumire, an established yakitori restaurant in Tokyo, has a new outlet there. The restaurant is named “Sumire” because the word “smile” is apparently pronounced as “Su-Mi-Le” in Japan; and Sumire Yakitori House hopes to bring smiles to every one of their patrons.

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