Cheap Breakfast at the Colony, Ritz Carlton Singapore

The words “cheap” and “Ritz Carlton” are seldom used in the same sentence. But today we will share with you our $10 cheap breakfast at the Colony restaurant of Ritz Carlton Singapore.

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Chinatown Complex Popiah & Chwee Kueh

Chinatown Popiah of Ann Chin

Chinatown Complex Food Centre is now world famous because Liao Fan Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice & Noodle stall in the hawker centre earned a Michelin star in the inaugural Singapore Michelin Guide. If you want a plate of the Michelin starred chicken rice, be prepared to stand in the queue for hours. It may be a good idea to have something to eat before you join the queue or, better still, have something to eat while someone stands in the queue for you. Ann Chin Popiah (sometimes just referred to as the Chinatown Complex Popiah) and Bedok Chwee Kueh are 2 stalls where you can get good light snacks while your girlfriend stands in the queue for chicken rice.

Liao Fan Soya Sauce Chicken, in Chinatown Complex
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Hawker Chan Restaurant, by One-Michelin starred Liao Fan Soya Sauce Chicken, opens in Tai Seng

Hawker Chan Tai Seng Liao Fan Soya Sauce Chicken
Liao Fan Soya Sauce Chicken at Chinatown Complex
Queue for Liao Fan Soya Sauce Chicken at Chinatown Complex

Liao Fan Hong Kong Soya Chicken Rice & Noodles is a popular stall in Chinatown Food Complex run by Chef Chan Hon Meng. Since the stall became known as the “World’s cheapest Michelin-starred eatery”, the snaking queue at the stall has become almost unmanageable. To bring the famed soya sauce chicken to more people, Chef Chan teamed up with Hersing Culinary to open a chain of quick service restaurants under the name “Liao Fan Hawker Chan”. The first restaurant was opened in November 2016 at 78 Smith Street. A new Hawker Chan Restaurant has just opened in 18 Tai Seng.

Liao Fan Hawker Chan

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Dim Sum under the Supertrees at Majestic Bay Seafood Restaurant

Majestic Bay Seafood Restaurant is a Chinese restaurant at Gardens by the Bay. It is a sister restaurant of the more established Majestic Restaurant in the city.  Located right at the foot of the Flower Dome and close to the Cloud Forest, Majestic Bay is well placed to attract the hordes of hungry tourists visiting the Gardens and looking for Chinese food to eat.  We were there recently for lunch and found out that the Gardens by the Bay is indeed a very popular place.

Supertrees Gardens by the Bay

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Breakfast at Crown Bakery and Cafe, Bukit Timah Road

It has been two years since Crown Bakery and Cafe opened in Crown Centre along Bukit Timah Road. Yet its popularity is still going strong. On a Saturday morning, brunch business was brisk. All the tables – indoors and outdoors were all taken.  We dropped by for a quick breakfast and were fortunate to be able to secure a table without too long a wait.

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25 Degrees Singapore – Burger, Wine & Liquor Bar in Middle Road

25 Degrees Burger No.1

25 Degrees Singapore

25 Degrees Singapore is a new gourmet American burger restaurant. The US restaurant chain originated in Los Angeles and is apparently popular with the Hollywood set. It can boast of being the Winner of Bangkok’s Great American Burger Competition 2016. Located in Hotel G, Middle Road, 25 Degrees Singapore is a new hot spot for good reasonably priced gourmet burgers. Continue reading →