Hjh Maimunah Restaurant – a Malay Kampong feast

Hjh Maimunah traditional Malay Kampong food

Hjh Maimunah Restaurant at Jalan Pisang

Hjh Maimunah Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Singapore for traditional Malay food. It has a clean comfortable dining area and a wide selection of dishes, one dish meals and a good range of colourful and delectable kuehs. It is hard not to have a feast when you are at Hjh Maimunah Restaurant.
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Peranakan restaurants in Singapore

Peranakan or Nyonya cuisine is standing its ground amidst the mushrooming of many other types of restaurants all over Singapore. New Peranakan restaurants have opened in recent years and Singapore can even boast of the first Peranakan restaurant in the world to be awarded a Michelin Star. To assist our readers who are deciding on the best places to go for nyonya food in Singapore, here is The Ordinary Patrons (TOP) list of Peranakan restaurants in Singapore.

Top new restaurants 2016 Singapore

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Long Beach King Seafood Restaurant at Kallang Park

Long Beach Seafood

Long Beach Seafood restaurant can traced its history back to 1946 when it operated at Bedok Rest House along Upper East Coast Road. It is also reputed to be the creator of the black pepper crab dish. Long Beach Seafood has become of chain of restaurants and has opened (and closed) a number of outlets at various locations over the years. Currently, it has outlets at UDMC East Coast Seafood Centre, Dempsey Hill, IMM and Kallang Park. The one in Kallang is known as Long Beach King.

Long Beach King Seafood Restaurant at Kallang Park

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Blue Jasmine Thai Restaurant in Park Hotel Farrer Park

The newly opened Blue Jasmine Thai Restaurant is located in Park Hotel Farrer Park.   This new hotel is conveniently located atop the Farrer Park MRT station and right next to the Farrer Park Hospital. A stone’s throw away from the bustling Little India district off Serangoon Road, it faces competition from the large number of dining options in the area as well as the restaurants in the Connexion Owen Link complex.

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Bikini Babe or Bijin Nabe @ Tsukada Nojo

Bijin Nabe by Tsukada Nojo at Chinatown Point

Where shall we meet for lunch today?
Bikini Babe.
??? You calling me bikini babe!!
Oops. Bijin Nabe.

Another classic Auto-correct Fail.

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PeraMakan Keppel Club, restaurant serving classic Nyonya cuisine

Even if golf is not your thing, the Keppel Golf Club may still be a place that is of interest to you. The club boasts a small collection of f & b outlets that are open not only to their club members but also to walk-in members of the public. On the Keppel Club premises, they have a Little Harry’s Pub, Thai restaurant E-Sarn, Chinese restaurant Peony Jade and Nyonya restaurant PeraMakan Keppel Club, which we visited recently.

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