Gift ideas for the wife from Tan Hock Seng cake shop

Things from the past usually bring back fond memories. Which is why old songs still sound good and cars like the Beetle and the Mini are still well-loved. Food from a bygone era is no exception. Some kinds of food evoke nostalgic memories from our past. It was therefore a delight to run into a shop like Tan Hock Seng cake shop along Telok Ayer Street Singapore. It seems to continue live in a different time zone and still churns out cakes and other confectionery items from our childhood days.

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Curbside Dining at Sin Hoi Sai Eating House, Katong

Sin Hoi Sai Eating House

Sin Hoi Sai Eating House is one of the few neighbourhood eateries in Singapore that offer curbside dining and curbside pickups. It has been around for years and is doing a thriving business catering to ordinary patrons who want to dine out or take prepared food home. For some reasons, it is especially popular among the expat community in the East. Perhaps it is because of the al fresco dining experience or maybe because Sin Hoi Sai Eating House is where you can get food and beer till 3.30 am in Katong.

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Dim Sum Lunch at VLV Singapore @ Clarke Quay

VLV Restaurant

The VLV Singapore Chinese restaurant opened in Clarke Quay quite some months ago at the end of 2016, but was in the news again recently. In March 2017, chef Martin Foo was awarded the Chef of the Year accolade at The Straits Times and Lianhe Zaobao Best Asian Restaurants Awards. VLV Singapore occupies the whole of a heritage building at Clarke Quay. The glamorous club lounge takes centre stage on the ground floor together with an alfresco bar and a seafood enclave. The Chinese restaurant is located upstairs.

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Restaurants in Kunming

We had tried different restaurants in Kunming during a recent trip. Some were simple noodle places, some cafes and some restaurants.  As we were brought around by local hosts, everything was quite a blur. Fortunately we have some photos of the restaurants to remember them by.  Today we show you four restaurants in Kunming that we tried. From what we could tell, there are lots of restaurants in Kunming. Deciding what to eat in Kunming is the real problem.

There were so many dishes at each restaurant, we can’t remember each of them specifically. What we can remember in general about eating in Kunming is that the standard of food is generally high. The taste is also quite similar with the style of Chinese food that we are used to in Singapore. Not too salty or spicy but sometimes a bit oily, but not as serious as in some other cities.  By and large, the restaurants in Kunming that we went to were mid-tier restaurants, suitable for families and friends. The food served was usually mainstream and wholesome, nothing exotic, but always in abundance. In fact the endless stream of dishes usually encourages eating beyond our daily calorie count. Looks like we need to start hitting the gym.

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Crossing the Bridge Noodles 过桥米线 at Yunnan Nationalities Village

Yunnan Nationalities Village (云南民族村) is one of the best man-made tourist attractions that we have been to in recent years. Yunnan province is located in south-west China, close to Laos, Vietnam and Myanmar. Yunnan is home to many of the ethnic minority groups still found in China and 26 of these ethnic groups are featured in this 100 hectare park in the City of Kunming, Yunnan.  Where there is people, there are food places to try.  In this case we tried a well-known dish of Yunnan – the 过桥米线 – literally translated as “crossing the bridge noodles”.

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Dim Sum under the Supertrees at Majestic Bay Seafood Restaurant

Majestic Bay Seafood Restaurant is a Chinese restaurant at Gardens by the Bay. It is a sister restaurant of the more established Majestic Restaurant in the city.  Located right at the foot of the Flower Dome and close to the Cloud Forest, Majestic Bay is well placed to attract the hordes of hungry tourists visiting the Gardens and looking for Chinese food to eat.  We were there recently for lunch and found out that the Gardens by the Bay is indeed a very popular place.

Supertrees Gardens by the Bay

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