Szechuan Kitchen – good food at a price

Szechuan Kitchen

Membership has its privileges. In the case of dining benefits card, it would seem that the privileges are subsidised by members who paid for the cards but do not make full use of their membership and by ordinary patrons who pay full price for their meals. Szechuan Court is one of those restaurants where holders of The Far Card get good discounts. We do not hold the Far Card so we decide to eat at Szechuan Kitchen, which usually has a more affordable menu compared to the menu of Szechuan Court.

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Crystal Jade Kitchen Westgate – Chinese restaurant in Jurong East

Crystal Jade Kitchen Westgate is probably the Chinese restaurant in the Jurong East area that we have frequented the most. Directly linked by walkways to the Jurong East MRT station and also the Ng Teng Fong Hospital, it is often the Chinese restaurant that comes to mind when we have things to attend to in the area. For a restaurant in the suburbs, it looks rather grand and we have seen birthdays and business lunches being hosted there. Here is a compilation of some of the things we ate at Crystal Jade Westgate during a couple of recent lunches.

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Lunch at Yan Toh Heen, 2 Michelin Star Chinese Restaurant in Hong Kong

The walk to top Chinese restaurant in Hong Kong, Yan Toh Heen through the corridors of the Intercontinental Hotel felt like a scene from a sci-fi movie. Walking through the narrow futuristic corridor built up our anticipation of our lunch at Yan Toh Heen restaurant, a 2-star Michelin Chinese restaurant that is also ranked 20 out of 12.100 restaurants in Hong Kong by TripAdvisor.

The walk to Yan Toh Heen restaurant, Hong Kong
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Maxim’s Palace City Hall Hong Kong – Dim Sum Trolleys

Maxim’s Palace City Hall is a restaurant that shows up in quite a number of results when we searched for best restaurants for dim sum in Hongkong during out recent visit to the Fragrant Harbour. This Chinese restaurant is said to be the place to visit to get a feel of the traditional Cantonese “yum char” experience. Maxim’s Palace City Hall is also one of the few remaining places where they still serve dim sum on trolleys that are wheeled around the restaurant. TripAdvisor ranks it as #185 of 9,926 restaurants in Hong Kong.

Maxim’s Palace City Hall Hong Kong
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Hong Kong-style dim sum in Victor’s Kitchen

Victor's Kitchen Dim Sum

Some restaurants are Instagram baits – with photogenic decor and OTT food presentation. Victor’s Kitchen is not one of them. The small restaurant in Sunshine Plaza has a functional dining space. Food is served with mass-produced tableware used in coffeshops. There is no attempt at food styling. Victor’s Kitchen is just an old school eatery serving Hong Kong-style dim sum that is freshly made. Victor’s Kitchen dim sum is for ordinary patrons who are not keen to let their food go cold while they try to get the perfect food pic.

Victor's Kitchen Sunshine Plaza
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