Sushi Shiki Hanamaru Restaurant @ Hokkaido Marche, Orchard Central

Sushi Shiki Hanamaru

Sushi Shiki Hanamaru Restaurant is the last outlet to open in Hokkaido Marche, Orchard Central. Unlike the other seven outlets which operate like stalls in a food court, Sushi Shiki Hanamaru (花まる) is a proper restaurant with its exclusive dining area. It serves sushi and a good range of other a la carte items.

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Ten Affordable Japanese Restaurants in Singapore

Tsukiji Takewaka Sushi

Among the many types of foreign cuisines available in Singapore, Japanese food is one of the most popular. Expensive sushi places come to mind when we think of Japanese food in Singapore. Fortunately for ordinary consumers, there are some places where we can find affordable Japanese food in Singapore. Here is our list of affordable Japanese restaurants in Singapore specialising in different types of Japanese cuisines. We have provided links to our reviews which have more pictures of the respective restaurants,  food and menus.

Tsukiji Takewaka Sushi

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Hokkaido Marche Gourmet Hall, Orchard Central Singapore

We had high expectations for the Hokkaido Marche Gourmet Hall which opened in the basement of Orchard Central recently. The high quality of produce from Hokkaido is well-known.  Some people go on holiday in Hokkaido just for the food there.  We have come to expect high restaurant standards in Japan such that we rarely hear of bad restaurants in Japan.  And so when we learnt that the Hokkaido Marche Gourmet Hall had recently opened in Singapore with eight f & b operators from Hokkaido, it was a matter of time before we checked it out.

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Uya Unagi Singapore restaurant at Wheelock Place

After reading the review by Jaime Ee  in the Business Times : A quick-service approach to Unagi, I made a quick reservation to lunch at the new Uya Unagi Singapore restaurant at Wheelock Place. Like Ms Ee, I have never visited the unagi place that many talk about, Man Man, even though the thought of it had lingered at the back of my mind. The thought of a long queue was usually enough to snuff out any thought of actually making a trip there. And no, I do not have to witness the eels “being slit alive as the ultimate proof of freshness”. Which was why Uya Unagi Singapore sounded like a dream come true – unagi with the hype of Man Man but without the bother. In order to make a comparison, I had a companion who had been to Man Man a couple of times.

Uya Unagi Singapore
Uya Unagi Singapore Restaurant entrance

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Shokutsu Ten Japanese Food Street at Nex

Shokutsu Ten Nex-

Shokutsu Ten at Nex is a Japanese Food Street offering a wide variety of Japanese dishes from street food to restaurant fare. Located in Basement 1 of Nex, it is a place for takeaways, a quick bite or a full meal or even some grocery shopping. Ichiban Boshi, Men-ichi Japanese Ramen and Idaten Udon as well as Kuriya Japanese Market are in Shokutsu Ten Japanese Food Street.

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The Sushi Bar Ngee Ann City – sushi and sashimi for all budgets

The Sushi Bar on the 5th floor of Ngee Ann City is a popular Japanese restaurant. Passing by while on visits to Best Denki, it was always crowded. We decided to make a stopover after a visit to Takashimaya recently.  The Sushi Bar Taka restaurant is not much to look at from the outside and it is hard to look in from outside as it is quite dark. The wide menu range caters for those in search of affordable Japanese food as well as those with an appetite and budget for premium Japanese raw fish items. Prices vary accordingly.

Sushi Bar Takashimaya
The Sushi Bar

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