OmoOmo Kallang Wave – Korean Fusion Fast Food

OmoOmo Kallang Wave

OmoOmo describes itself as a Korean fusion restaurant which aims to fuse Korean flavours and cooking techniques with other cuisines to create unique dishes that will surprise your taste buds. We had a meal at OmoOmo Food Concepts Kallang Wave to find out if there would be real surprises like some of the plot twists in K-Pop music videos.

OmoOmo Food Concepts Kallang Wave
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Pizza Maru – K Restaurant in Bugis+

Pasta at Pizza Maru Bugis+

The popularity of K-Pop and K-drama has meant that many Korean restaurants and Korean-style cafes have found success all over the world. Yet, it may be a little surprising that the Korean wave has brought to our shores a chain restaurant not known for Korean cuisine but for its pizza and Western food. Pizza Maru, a popular restaurant chain in South Korea with more than 600 stores internationally, has opened restaurants in Bugis+ and in Northpoint City. Besides the famous Korean-style pizza, Pizza Maru also offers a range of pasta and fried chicken as well as snacks and beverages.

Pizza Maru Bugis+

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Coffeesmith – new 24 hour cafe in Suntec City

Coffeesmith in Suntec City

Popular Korean coffee chain Coffeesmith has a new cafe in Suntec City. A reason for Coffeesmith’s popularity must be that it has been featured in K-dramas like The Girl who sees Smells and It’s Okay, That’s Love. Coffeesmith in Suntec City is a nice spot to stop by for a relaxing cup of quality coffee. It also serves bingsu, cakes, sandwiches and even beer; and it is always open – 24 hours a day.

Coffeesmith in Suntec City

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Han Bing Cafe – great for gorgeous looking Bingsu in unique flavours

Han Bing Cafe Bingsu

Han Bing Cafe at Serene Centre is one of those small cosy cafe that you are happy to find in your neighbourhood.  It does not boast of trendy decor or hipster baristas but it is there when you need a snack or a simple meal. Besides down to earth Korean fare, Han Bing Cafe also offers gorgeous looking Bingsu is a variety of flavours.

Han Bing Cafe

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