Restaurants & Cafes in Ho Chi Minh City

Restaurants & Cafes in Ho Chi Minh

Vietnam ranks fifth in the Happy Planet Index results, and second in the Asia Pacific region, according to the UK-based think tank New Economics Foundation. If happiness and food are really highly connected, we can understand why Vietnam ranks so highly in the Happy Planet Index.

Restaurants & Cafes in Ho Chi Minh City

On a short trip to Ho Chi Minh City recently, we visited so many different restaurants and cafes. Some were Vietnamese fine dining places, some noodles shops, cafes and food courts. The arrange and quality of food available certainly made us very happy. We were fortunate to have local hosts to bring us around but it meant that sometimes we did not really know where we were and sometimes we did not know the costs of the meal. What we have are photos of the restaurants, cafes and other eateries for memories.

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So Pho Vietnamese Cafe @ Parkway Parade

So Pho Vietnamese cafe

It can be mistaken for an Ikea showroom on the spruced up 3rd level of Parkway Parade but it is actually a new outlet of So Pho Vietnamese Cafe. It has light wood furniture and display helves, lantern lamps and many other items that looked very much like what we might have seen in Ikea. It does not look like a place serving Vietnamese food but it has a fairly extensive menu covering Vietnamese rolls, rice and noodles dishes, beef, chicken, hot pot and, of course, Vietnamese pho. Continue reading →

What to eat at Owen Link, Connexion at Farrer Park

Connexion at Farrer Park22

Connexion at Farrer Park is an integrated medical and hospitality complex that recently opened in late 2014. It houses the Farrer Park Hospital, the Farrer Park Medical Centre, One Farrer Hotel and Spa together with Owen Link which is a passageway running through the building with restaurants and shops along the sides. Along the exterior of the building is the Food Street where you can find a few more food outlets.  Hospitals can be depressing places to go to for both patients and visitors alike. We are sure the availability of good food and beverages can play apart in not only nourishing the body but also improving one’s mental well-being. The good people behind this complex has put together a small but interesting selection of restaurants in this complex. Recently we checked out the place to discover what to eat at the Owen Link, Connexion at Farrer Park.

Connexion at Farrer Park20

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Tre Restaurant at Banyan Tree, Phuket

Tre Banyan Tree 11

Enticed by the attractive 20% discounts off food, accommodation and spa treatments offered by the Banyan Tree Phuket in celebration of their 20th anniversary as well as the super deals of Silkair, we decided to take some time off from our chaotic Lion City to spend some R & R time in the tropical resort at Phuket. We have many tales to tell, but this being a food blog, we will confine our sharing to the eating adventures we experienced during our short trip. Today, we take you with us on our dinner adventure at the Tre restaurant at the Banyan Tree. Stay tuned for more stories over the next few days.

Tre Banyan Tree09

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