Be My Guest Cafe…and the Confit Chicken Lost a Leg

Be My Guest Cafe

New industrial buildings in Singapore do not necessarily look dull anymore and dining options in industrial estates are no longer limited to drab canteens and functional food courts. Situated in Tai Seng Industrial Estate, The Commerze @ Irving is a fairly new industrial building with a variety of interesting restaurants and cafes. Be My Guest Cafe is one of them.

Be My Guest

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Tachihara Coffee Singapore at Millenia Walk

Tachihara Coffee Singapore at Millenia Walk is a new Japanese cafe. It is related to the Pullman Bakery which is a few doors away in the same mall. Tachihara Coffee serves light food such as toasts, hotdogs and sandwiches.  It is a simple but delightful cafe.  We have already been there for lunch and just for snacks and coffee. Here is a compilation of what we have eaten at Tachihara Coffee so far.

Tachihara Coffee

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McDonald’s Singapore Special Burgers

McDonald's Angry Bird Burger

McCafe Simei

The first McDonald’s restaurant was known as “McDonald’s Bar-B-Que”. Located in San Bernardino, California, it was set up by brothers Richard (Dick) and Maurice (Mac) McDonald in 1940. McDonald’s Bar-B-Que was (according to an article by Smithsonian Magazine) initially a roadside restaurant with “food delivered direct to the customer’s car via a fleet of attractive young women called carhops, so named because of their practice of jumping up on the auto’s running board to claim a patron as their own”. McDonald’s has come a long way since; and one of the major factors for its success is its ability to bring innovative products and services to meet the diverse and changing taste of its customers.

McDonald’s Singapore

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Poke Doke Millenia Walk – load up on nutrients with minimal calories

Singapore Poke Doke

Poke (pronounced as a two-syllable word; like the inverse of “kay-poh”) is a simple Hawaiian dish of raw fish salad which has been around for ages. It has recently become all the rage and Poke Doke Millenia Walk is one of the many new poke joints that have sprouted up in Singapore. Poke bowls must be hip when you can find them in Millenia Walk, a swanky mall which described itself as “a retail haven for the discerning shopper who appreciates inspirational lifestyle products, quality craftsmanship, bespoke offerings and gastronomic adventures“.

Poke Doke

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Blue Lotus Chinese Grill House, Tanjong Pagar Centre

Blue Lotus Chinese Grill House is a modern Chinese restaurant in the new Tanjong Pagar Centre. This new retail and dining enclave in the Singapore CBD has turned out to be rather attractive. Apart from its good location near Shenton Way, the big open spaces and interesting tenant mix has made this a nice new location to eat on weekends when the office crowds are away.  We had lunch at Blue Lotus Chinese Grill House recently.

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Folklore Restaurant – Singapore heritage food

Folklore Restaurant

Folklore restaurant at Destination Singapore Beach Road hotel, with local chef Damian D’Silva at its helm, has a menu of Eurasian-Peranakan dishes and other heritage cuisines of Singapore. The food at the multi-cuisine restaurant had received praise and the dishes that we tried at Folklore restaurant did not disappoint.

Folklore Restaurant

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