Lunch at Garibaldi – Michelin Star Italian Restaurant in Purvis Street

Garibaldi Italian Restaurant

When it comes to selecting an Italian restaurant, there is a multitude of excellent places in Singapore. Garibaldi Italian Restaurant & Bar, located in Purvis Street, is a good example of a fine Italian eatery. Combining traditional Italian cuisine with a stylish contemporary setting, Garibaldi has become one of the most popular Italian restaurants in Singapore, even before it was awarded One Michelin Star in 2017.

Garibaldi Italian Restaurant & Bar

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Shio & Pepe, Japanese Italian Kitchen in Emporium Shokuhin Marina Square

Shio & Pepe is a new Japanese Italian Kitchen that has opened at the Emporium Shokuhin. This Japanese supermarket and restaurant cluster in Marina Square has seen quite a few changes since it opened in 2015. Shio & Pepe restaurant takes over the space formerly occupied by the Tsukeru Shabu Shabu restaurant. We have refreshed our post on Emporium Shokuhin to reflect the recent changes. You can read it here.

Shio & Pepe Emporium Shokuhin Marina Square

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A nice set lunch in Singapore below $30 (Orchard Road)

Living in a city with a high cost of living, it is only natural that we tend to look out for good lunch deals.  Today’s post is on a subject which I think many of us look for now and then – a good set lunch in Singapore below $30.  The one at Italian restaurant Il Cielo probably ticks all the right boxes – a nice place (in 5-star Hilton no less) quiet (on the top floor where not many even know it exists), good service and at a reasonable budget. We think it is a weekday set lunch in Singapore below $30 that does the trick. We have been there before but it does not fail to impress us with by the $25 set lunch. With GST and service charge, the total cost per person came up to about $30.

Our weekday set lunch singapore below $30 (Orchard Road)

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Wine & Chef Singapore – zhi char meets enoteca at Keong Saik Road

Wine & Chef Singapore is a relatively new restaurant that opened in early 2017.  It is located in one of the shophouses along the stretch of restaurants on Keong Saik Road. It serves an eclectic mix of food items that could be from menus at a zhi char stall, a Japanese izakaya or a French bistro. It has an extensive list of Italian wines which would not be out-of-place in an enoteca in Rome. The extreme mix and match could either end up successfully as the best of both worlds or as a complete disaster. There was only one way to find out.

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Essen at The Pinnacle, Duxton Singapore – Multiple food choices

Coolest Food Courts in Singapore

Essen at the Pinnacle is a collection of food stalls in an air-conditioned space, food court style. Here you can find French cuisine by Garçons, innovative burgers by Burger Buddies, fried chicken wings by Two Wings, Italian food by La Stalla, Thai and Vietnamese fare by Viethai and a wide selection of alcoholic beverages, especially beers and ciders. Essen is located on the ground floor of the 50-storey Pinnacle at Duxton, the most impressive HDB project in Singapore so far. Do note that because it is a huge project, locating Essen at the Pinnacle can be a challenge. We suggest you head towards the part that is closest to Craig Road which runs in front of the restaurant.

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Strong Flour at Katong V

Strong Flour Freshly Made Pasta

Strong Flour at Katong V is a new casual dining restaurant serving handmade pasta and pizza. Pastas at Strong Flour are freshly made on the premises. Pizzas are rolled and baked to order. It also offers paninis, stew and a few meat and fish dishes as well as desserts and good coffee. Beer and wine are also available. Strong Flour is a nice little neighbourhood Italian restaurant and a welcomed addition to the food options in Katong V.

Strong Flour

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