Drips Café in Tiong Bahru – tarts & more

Drips Bakery Café in Tiong Bahru is a laid back cafe for unpretentious food, good coffee and great tarts. Although it has been around for years, it does not get mentioned very often on social media or in lists of hip cafes. Ironically, that may be the reason why we like Drips Bakery Café.

Drips Bakery Café in Tiong Bahru
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Paya Lebar the Bubble Tea Town

Bubble tea in Paya Lebar

Brazil, which got its name from the abundance of brazilwood; Salzburg, Austria (from “salt”), Żebbuġ, Malta (from “olives”); and Gas, Kansas (no imagination needed with this one) are examples of places named after their main products. If an alien were to land in Paya Lebar and take a short walk around the MRT station, it might well conclude that “Paya Lebar” means “Bubble Tea”. There are more than 10 shops offering a wide variety of bubble tea in Paya Lebar in the 3 malls connected to the MRT Interchange.

What to Eat near Paya Lebar MRT Station
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Jasmine Cafe & Kitchen @ PLQ Parkside

PLQ Mall has become a popular dining destination. Across the road from the mall is PLQ Parkside, a mini park with an outdoor playground for children. There are a few eateries around the green space. One of them is the newly opened Jasmine Cafe & Kitchen, which serves local, Western, Japanese and Thai dishes.

Jasmine Cafe & Kitchen
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