Parkway Thai Restaurant at Biopolis, One-North

Parkway Thai Restaurant is a simple, unpretentious restaurant in Biopolis, One-North. In the day, it attracts a fair volume of office workers who work in this biomedical research and development hub at Buona Vista. In the evenings, things quieten down a bit. We were there for dinner and had the place all to ourselves.


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Sea salted chocolate pistachio tart at Bread Yard

How can anyone resist such a beautiful chocolate pistachio tart calling out from the cake display case?  Not us. When we were at Bread Yard for coffee recently,  we knew exactly what to order.



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Poke bowl stop at Katto restaurant, Fusionopolis

Katto is a new restaurant tucked away in a corner of the Galaxis Building in Fusionopolis, One North Singapore. They serve “poke bowls” which are bowls of rice topped with raw fish and salad, except that here at Katto, they serve them in disposable paper boxes.  Poke bowls have nothing to do with pokemons. They are a type of dish that originated in Hawaii. Rather than try to provide you with more information on these healthy meals in a bowl, we think the food experts will do a better job –  see this article in the Huffington Post.


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Chillas Indian Restaurant in Fusionopolis, One North

Chillas Restaurant is an Indian restaurant located on the second level of the Galaxis building in Fusionopolis, One North, Singapore. They serve traditional Indian cuisine in a large modern space facing the food court and the Yunnan Garden Chinese restaurant. We had a light lunch there recently.

Chillas Indian Restaurant - 14
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TOP restaurants and food places in Fusionopolis and One North, Singapore

Galaxis Fusionopolis One North food - 1

One-North, Fusionopolis and the other zones in this area that stretches from the Buona Vista MRT to the One-North MRT stations have always been confusing to us until we started exploring the place and finding out what to eat there. So no worries, today we have The Ordinary Patrons’ (TOP) List of restaurants and food places in Fusionopolis and One North. We will also try our best to describe the area to you.

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We invite our Michelin friends to the best hawker centre in Singapore for 2017

Ghim Moh Market and food centre reopens 2016 - 2

There were good news and bad news in the 2016 Singapore Michelin guide. The good news is that Singapore hawker food has been recognised. Two hawkers won Michelin stars and the Bib Gourmand winners include 17 stalls in hawker food centres. The bad news was that not a single stall from the Ghim Moh market and hawker centre was on the list. Our regular readers will know that we have a soft spot for this food centre, which we think is the best hawker centre in Singapore. Anyway, there is no point griping about it – 2016 is over. We prefer to look ahead to 2017 and be constructive.

We do not know whether the mysterious Michelin Guide judges had visited Ghim Moh food centre or not. It is not as famous as places such as Maxwell and Tiong Bahru (which together have 6 names on the list). Actually, its low profile is one of the reasons we think it is the best hawker centre in Singapore. Just in case they did not, we would like to invite our Michelin friends to visit this quiet hawker centre in the West when they work on next year’s 2017 list. We believe that they will not only be impressed by the food but also the friendly stall-holders and the general laid-back feel of the place.   For their convenience we have compiled a summary of the stalls we had written about and we hope our friends at Michelin will come to try them.

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