ENAQ Prata Shop – new crispy roti prata place at Ghim Moh

When Flock the cafe opened their outlet in Ghim Moh some years ago, we had thought that it would be nice to have a hip cafe in this area without having to travel all the way to Tiong Bahru.  But Flock moved out about a year or so ago and another cafe took its place.  The second cafe also moved out after a while.   The space is now taken over by the ENAQ Prata Shop.  It is the nicest roti prata restaurant we have seen.  Air conditioned and still mostly using chic cafe furniture, it provides a cool alternative to the usual hawker fare available at the nearby Ghim Moh market and food centre.

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Gan Yakitori @ Star Vista – revisited 2017

We last visited Gan Yakitori @ Star Vista in July 2014.  That was when Star Vista first opened. Over the three years or so,  quite a few restaurants have come and gone.  One of the restaurants that have remained since day one is Gan Yakitori.  On our recent visit in 2017, the place was full at lunch time.  The good food and attractive set lunch menus probably have something to do with it.

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Segar Restaurant Star Vista – Halal Zi Char Restaurant

Segar Restaurant Star Vista is one of the several new restaurants that have opened recently in this mall next to Buona Vista MRT station replacing those that have left.  The signboard at the Segar Restaurant Star Vista refers to itself as serving  “Great Tasting Halal Zi Char & Seafood for Everyone!” Now,  this we had to try.

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Parkway Thai Restaurant at Biopolis, One-North

Parkway Thai Restaurant is a simple, unpretentious restaurant in Biopolis, One-North. In the day, it attracts a fair volume of office workers who work in this biomedical research and development hub at Buona Vista. In the evenings, things quieten down a bit. We were there for dinner and had the place all to ourselves.


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Sea salted chocolate pistachio tart at Bread Yard

How can anyone resist such a beautiful chocolate pistachio tart calling out from the cake display case?  Not us. When we were at Bread Yard for coffee recently,  we knew exactly what to order.



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Poke bowl stop at Katto restaurant, Fusionopolis

Katto is a new restaurant tucked away in a corner of the Galaxis Building in Fusionopolis, One North Singapore. They serve “poke bowls” which are bowls of rice topped with raw fish and salad, except that here at Katto, they serve them in disposable paper boxes.  Poke bowls have nothing to do with pokemons. They are a type of dish that originated in Hawaii. Rather than try to provide you with more information on these healthy meals in a bowl, we think the food experts will do a better job –  see this article in the Huffington Post.


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