A compilation of Star Vista restaurants and food places 2018

Star Vista Restaurants 2018

It has been years since our original story about the restaurants of Star Vista. It is now 2018 and this is an updated 2018 compilation of  Star Vista restaurants.   To assist our readers in deciding what to eat at Star Vista, we have added new pictures of menus and lunch time offers (if we have them).  For a complete list of restaurants please refer to the official Star Vista Website.

Star Vista is an extra-ordinary building which is a collaboration between Singapore’s leading developer and a church. Essentially, it is a 5,000 seat auditorium perched on top of three levels of restaurants and retail stores. The picture above shows the futuristic auditorium.  The picture below shows the eating and shopping space.

Star Vista external view1

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Swee Lee Social Club Cafe @ Star Vista – a meeting place for guitar heroes

Swee Lee, the musical instrument store that we have grown up with since their earlier days in Bras Basah, is undergoing some changes. According to Straits Times article Wilmar founder’s son Kuok Meng Ru building cloud-based music community BandLabthe younger Kuok had bought over Swee Lee in 2012 and is now making it into a modern enterprise.  Sales have doubled since then.  The smallish Swee Lee store at Star Vista has been converted into a 5,000 sq ft flagship store.  A cafe called Swee Lee Social Club is tucked away in an inner part of the store. Looks like Mr Kuok is really refreshing the musical scene. There was another Business Times report on his inroads into the global music business Kuok Meng Ru wants to buy 51% of Rolling Stone he doesn’t own.

Swee Lee Social Club Cafe @ Star Vista

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IndoChili (Science Park) – Indonesian restaurant near NUH

IndoChili (Science Park) is one of the latest tenants to set up at Savourworld. We had visited this cluster of restaurants at Science Park Drive, near NUH. You can read our overview of Savourworld here.   This was our first visit to Savourworld in the evening.  The huge signs glow bright at night.  The atmosphere there is also more relaxed. It looks like a meeting place for nearby office workers after office hours.  It was not crowded, just pockets of activity in some of the bars and restaurants.  IndoChili is a halal Indonesian restaurant. They provide added choice and diversity to the food options at the Kent Ridge area.

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Ghim Moh Porridge & Rice – Comforting Teochew porridge

Nothing is as well qualified to be considered “comfort food” than Teochew porridge. There are two good teochew porridge stalls in the Ghim Moh market and food centre.  Ghim Moh Porridge & Rice is one of them. Both are popular with Ghim Moh residents as well as the Mount Sinai private estates nearby. Office workers travel from Biopolis and Fusionopolis to eat here. For more food options at Ghim Moh you can read our summary of the hawker food that we have in this post.

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The restaurants of Savourworld at Kent Ridge, Science Park Drive

(Updated in Sep 2017 to include information provided by Mr Michel Lu and some extra photos)  Compared to the folks living in the East, the residents of West Singapore do not have such a wide selection of dining options and restaurants. We were therefore excited to read the news of the opening of a large 60,000 sq ft dining enclave (30 Jan 2017 article in the Straits Times “Savour the best of both worlds“).  During our initial visit in August, most of the restaurants were operational but only on weekdays.  It seems that they are in the “soft-opening” mode at present. The grand opening is now scheduled for the weekend of 30 Sep to 1 October 2017.   That is when all the restaurants will be ready and open for evenings and weekends.  An Oktoberfest event is scheduled for 13 to 15 October.


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Blue Lotus Chinese Noodle Bar @ Savourworld Science Park

The Blue Lotus Chinese Noodle Bar, Science Park Drive is a restaurant in a cluster of restaurants near NUH in Kent Ridge. The cluster is called Savourworld and there are now about 12 restaurants that are operational. We will show you more about it in a subsequent post. All the restaurants looked interesting.  I decided to try the Blue Lotus Chinese Noodle Bar as the Blue Lotus restaurants by Chef Ricky Ng seem to have received many awards. It also had the most outstanding frontage announcing its presence along Science Park Drive.

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