Nobiro Japanese Restaurant & Sake Bar, West Coast

Nobiro Japanese Restaurant & Sake Bar is a Japanese restaurant in the Clementi / West Coast area of Singapore.  It is situated among a row of shops within the Faber Drive housing area.  Nobiro Restaurant’s location in a quiet residential area means that the diners are unlikely to be casual passers-by.  It took some deliberate effort in order to locate the place.

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Spanish Food at Clementi Mall Food Court

Paella Food Court Clementi Mall3

Most food courts have a “western food” stall that sells the traditional western food, namely, oily pork chops, grilled chicken and thin steaks with soggy fries. I was therefore quite surprised to see this Spanish & Western stall when I passed by the Foodfare food court at Clementi Mall the other day. It was obvious that the Spanish food, in particular seafood paella, was the main attraction. The huge pan was filled with delicious looking paella (see photo below). Of course I had to try some right?

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