Bao Today Hotel Rendezvous – Good Value Set Lunch

Bao Today 包今天 Set Lunch

Bao Today Hotel Rendezvous

We continued our search for good set lunch deals in the city and found a lunch set for only $9.90 nett at 包今天 Bao Today Hotel Rendezvous. Available on weekdays from 10.00 am to 3.00pm, the set comprises a main, a dessert and a drink. With purchase of the set meal, you can also enjoy a 50% discount on up to 3 dim sum items from the a la carte menu. Continue reading →

Arteastiq Boutique Tea House at Plaza Singapura

Arteastiq Plaza Singapura

Arteastiq Boutique Tea House

Arteastiq Boutique Tea House at Plaza Singapura is a fusion of art and tea. It is an eye-catching space where you can imbibe artisanal tea as well as express your artistic talent on blank canvases. If, like some of us, eating is your only real talent, Arteastiq at Plaza Singapura can still be a delightful place.

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Brunch at Food for Thought National Museum Cafe

Have you noticed that our Singapore National Museum has become more attractive of late? Free admission for local citizens. More interesting exhibits. More things to eat. We had previously written about our experiences at the Flutes Restaurant and Janice Wong Restaurant at the National Museum. Today we will tell you about the Food For Thought cafe.

Food for Thought Cafe National Museum - 13

Food for Thought Cafe National Museum - 10

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Janice Wong National Museum Restaurant – where food meets art

Janice Wong Restaurant National Museum

The new Janice Wong  National Museum Restaurant recently opened in August 2016. Described as Singapore’s “dessert queen” in a Straits Times article in June 2016, Janice Wong had apparently decided to open this new flagship restaurant to serve dim sum and noodles alongside her delectable desserts. Dim sum and desserts sounded like a nice combination and so we stopped by the Janice Wong Singapore restaurant and discovered a place where food meets art.

Janice Wong National Museum Restaurant - 1

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Set lunch at Flutes Restaurant, National Museum

Flutes National Museum

National MuseumPreviously known as “Flutes at the Fort”, the Flutes Restaurant is now at the Singapore National Museum. The former location, which was a colonial black and white bungalow on Fort Canning that was once the residence of the Chief of the Central Fire Station, is now occupied by another restaurant, Lewin Terrace. The address may have changed but one thing about the Flutes Restaurant has remained constant – its good taste in selecting historic and desirable locations.

Flutes National Museum-5

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The Assembly Ground Cafe @ Cathay

Assembly Ground Cafe Cathay 1 - 1

The Assembly Ground cafe is situated next to The Assembly Ground shop in The Cathay building on Handy Road that houses the historic Cathay cinema.  The Shop next door sells clothes and bags while The Cafe is a casual eatery serving the usual cafe fare.  This reminded us of the original PS Cafe concept when they first started.  While waiting for showtime for the movies, this is a pleasant place to hang out or to meet up with friends. Another reason to patronise the Assembly Ground cafe is their rather early opening hour of 10 am on Saturday and Sunday, when most food outlets are still closed.

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