Group Therapy Cafe Katong

Katong V Group Therapy Cafe

Group Therapy Cafe Katong V is an outpost of the popular cafe which started business as an event space tucked away on the second storey of a small shophouse in Duxton. Group Therapy Cafe has become very popular, especially for brunch, and has also a spawn Strong Flour, a casual dining Italian restaurant which is also located in Katong V.

Group Therapy Coffee Katong
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Kotobuki Yakitori 112 Katong

Kotobuki Yakitori

Kotobuki Yakitori is a new Japanese restaurant in I12 Katong Mall. It serves a variety of grilled chicken skewers made from bite sized pieces of meat from different parts of the chicken. Other Japanese staples, like sushi, tempura and rice bowls, are also on the menu.

Kotobuki 112 Katong
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