Long Chim Singapore – Thai Street Food by Celebrity Chef David Thompson

Long Chim Singapore at MBS

Long Chim Singapore by David Thompson is a rather unique and interesting dining option in Marina Bay Sands (MBS). The publicity material says “Long Chim, which means ‘Come and Taste’ brings to Singapore the finest renditions of Thai street food articulated by renowned Celebrity Chef David Thompson… evoking the mouthwatering roadside eateries and vibrant street markets of Bangkok”.  We are not in a position to say if the food at Long Chim is indeed the finest rendition of Thai street food but the place certainly has the colours and carnival like atmosphere of Bangkok’s street markets.

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Canton Paradise – Affordable Chinese Restaurant in Marina Bay Sands

Affordable meal at Canton Paradise MBS

Marina Bay Sands may be associated with placing your bets and hoping you are lucky but it is also a dining destination with over 80 restaurants, bars and cafes. Some of the world’s best celebrity chefs have restaurants there. Besides lavish restaurants offering cuisines from all around the globe, there are casual dining outlets for the ordinary patrons. If you want a simple Chinese meal, Canton Paradise is a good affordable Chinese Restaurant in Marina Bay Sands.

 affordable Chinese Restaurant in Marina Bay Sands

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Starbucks Reserve at Marina Bay Sands Singapore

Starbucks Reserve - Digital Light Canvas at Marina Bay Sands

Starbucks Reserve Marina Bay Sands Singapore is Starbucks’ new upscale store that features advanced brewing system, an ultra-premium line of coffees, chic furniture and artwork. However, this cafe in Marina Bay Sands (MBS) may be Starbucks’ coolest outlet in Singapore because of its location. This Starbucks Reserve is situated right at the edge of MBS Digital Light Canvas, a unique multi-sensory digital installation which is likely to be the next big thing to spice up the local social media feeds. The jaded patrons of ordinary cafes may well find delight both inside and outside Starbucks Reserve Marina Bay Sands.

Starbucks Reserve Marina Bay Sands

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Afternoon Tea at Mandarin Oriental’s Axis Bar & Lounge

3 tier afternoon tea Axis Bar & Lounge

Afternoon Tea at Axis Bar & Lounge, Mandarin Oriental

Axis Bar and Lounge may not sound like a genteel institution for the traditional afternoon tea but Mandarin Oriental’s Axis is one of the best places in Singapore to enjoy bite-sized treats between sips of tea or coffee. Afternoon Tea at Mandarin Oriental’s Axis Bar & Lounge is a luxurious treat. In the day, Axis Bar and Lounge is bright and airy and has a sophisticated charm – a relaxed lounge to enjoy classic teas and special blends with delectable pastries, scones and sweets.

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Tuk Tuk Cha Love Mee at Suntec City

Tuk Tuk Cha Love Mee at Suntec City

Tuk Tuk Cha Love Mee at Suntec City

Choose a good location, create a pleasant casual atmosphere, offer a fair variety of food and beverages at reasonable prices and have easy to remember pun-tastic names; that seems to be the formula for a successful casual diner in Singapore presently. Judging by the well-patronized Tuk Tuk Cha and Love Mee at Suntec City, the formula must be working.

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Kith Cafe Set Lunch at Millenia Walk

Kith Cafe - Millenia Walk

Studies suggest that the physical workspace has an impact on  employee experience and that there are well designed offices in nice buildings which may actually make employees excited about going to work. However, cool offices in beautiful buildings downtown usually also mean expensive eateries when the time comes for lunch. It is thus a nice surprise to find that we can get a good weekday set lunch for $15 at Kith Cafe in the plushy Millenia Walk.

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