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주신정 Ju Shin Jung Guillemard Korean BBQ (Outlet Closed)

Ju Shin Jung Korean RestaurantGuillemard

주신정 Ju Shin Jung Guillemard is a Korean style BBQ restaurant. 주신정 Ju Shin Jung was one of the first Korean charcoal BBQ restaurants in Singapore and now has 4 outlets in the West, Central and East of Singapore. It is popular with Koreans as well as Singaporeans with a good reason – they serve good authentic Korean food.Read More »주신정 Ju Shin Jung Guillemard Korean BBQ (Outlet Closed)


Bingsu at Bing Go Korean Dessert House (Moved)

(Update 2020 : Moved to 11 Unity St, 01-30/31, Singapore 237995)

Bing Go Jung Korean Dessert House

Bing Go Korean Dessert House is a small dessert cafe located next to a Korean restaurant along Guillemard Road (where the Singapore Badminton Hall used to be). The specialty is bingsu in different flavours which come in huge bowls which even 2 persons may have difficulty finishing. They serve traditional bingsu as well as modern creations.Read More »Bingsu at Bing Go Korean Dessert House (Moved)


33SIXTYEIGHT – a hidden gem in Jalan Batu (Closed)

33SIXTYEIGHT at Jalan Batu

Jalan Batu, where is that? It is nowhere near Jalan Kayu of the roti prata fame. Jalan Batu, which means street of stones, is a quaint little HDB enclave in Tanjong Rhu. It is like a place frozen in the 1970s. The public housing flats there are well spaced out and there is a large central green complete with an amphitheater and a large fountain. Old style provisions shops and coffee shops dot the ground floors of the blocks facing the central green. There are groups of people sitting around chatting, playing checkers or just relaxing. In Block 8 of Jalan Batu, a brightly lit modern cafe stands out from its surroundings. 33SixtyEight is like a shiny jewel in Jalan Batu. We think we found a hidden gem in the street of stones.

33SIXTYEIGHT at Jalan BatuRead More »33SIXTYEIGHT – a hidden gem in Jalan Batu (Closed)


The Hideout – a Cosy Cafe at Cassia Crescent (Closed)


If you need a good cup of coffee in a cosy cafe away from the crowds, the Hideout will be a place to head to. Located at Cassia Crescent in the Old Airport Road heartlands, the Hideout cafe can be a tranquil retreat away from the glitz and hurriedness of downtown Singapore. It is a bonus that it has a nice range of delectable artisan ice cream and pretty good coffee.Read More »The Hideout – a Cosy Cafe at Cassia Crescent (Closed)


Cafe Melba

Cafe Melba

Café Melba is a casual all-day dining cafe in the tranquil compounds of Goodman Arts Centre. It offers Asian interpretations of Australasian dishes as well as the usual brunch menu and pizza, pasta and sandwiches.

Cafe MelbaRead More »Cafe Melba