Ah Orh Seafood Restaurant – (亚乌海鲜楼) Classic Teochew Restaurant in Singapore

Ah Orh Seafood Restaurant (亚乌海鲜楼) has a history that goes back 100 years. It is possibly Singapore’s oldest Teochew restaurant. Like many people who like Teochew food, we have known of Ah Orh Teochew restaurant at Jalan Bukit Merah (formerly at Ellenborough Market) for a long time. But did not realise it goes back 100 years!

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Good Chance Popiah Eating House in Silat Avenue

Popiah or Spring Roll has a long history. Various sources trace the origin of spring rolls to third century China. According to Singapore infopedia, Popiah (meaning “thin pancake” in Teochew) as we know it in Singapore has its roots in Fujian Province where it was eaten during spring (unsurprisingly) when there was an abundance of vegetables. Over time, it has become a tradition to welcome the start of the spring festival by eating spring rolls or chun juan (春卷). In Singapore today, although spring roll is especially popular during Chinese New Year, popiah is eaten throughout the year, since we do not have spring anyway. A place where we can enjoy the traditional Fujian popiah any day of the year is Good Chance Popiah Eating House, a family restaurant with a heirloom recipe passed down the generations.

Good Chance Popiah Eating House
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Lengkok Bahru Fishball Noodles

Inspired by the Straits Times story by Rebecca Lynne Tan: Cheap & Good: Wholesome, comforting fishball noodles at Redhill,  I looked out for the Seng Hong coffee shop in Block 58 Lengkok Bahru when I was at the area recently.  This area has changed quite a bit since the last time I was there. Some of the old blocks look familiar but many new flats and structures have been added. In my hunt for the famous Lengkok Bahru fishball noodles, I was unable to find any signboard but concluded that this coffeeshop must be it as it was the only one I spotted at Block 58.

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The Bakery Chef at Bukit Merah

The Bakery Chef at Bukit Merah

The Bakery Chef is a small charming bakery cafe in the public housing estate of Bukit Merah Central. The nicely decorated cafe offers coffee and a variety of freshly baked and good-looking cakes, pastries and macaroons. It is a welcomed oasis for the office workers in the vicinity and visitors of the nearby library.

The Bakery Chef
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